DA Alvin Bragg Is Trying to Punish Trump For Something That’s Not a Crime

Much has been made of Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity as it relates to the criminal case in Georgia and other legal actions against the former president. 

Special counsel Jack Smith and prosecutor Fanni Willis claim Trump “unlawfully interfered with the 2020 presidential election by trying to enlist state and federal officials in his efforts to stop Biden from taking office,” according to Reason.com’s Jacob Sullum. 

But Trump’s claim of immunity isn’t quite as “wild” as some on the left suggest. Presidential immunity was designed to prevent “frivolous, politically motivated criminal charges against former presidents,” as Sullum points out.

That might not be the case entirely with the Smith and Willis cases. After all, there are statutes that may have been violated.

The three-judge appeals court hearing Trump’s immunity claim found the argument unconvincing. The court ruled that “the danger” Trump perceived “appears slight” given prosecutors’ “ethical obligations” and “additional safeguards,” such as “the right to be charged by a grand jury upon a finding of probable cause.”

So, trust Jack Smith. Trust Fanni Willis because they’re prosecutors and wouldn’t dream of putting their thumbs on the scale of justice, right?

In the hush money case, District Attorney Alvin Bragg is taking Trump to trial not for committing a crime but for interfering with the 2016 election by lying about his affair with Daniels and paying to cover it up. 

Bragg came up with 32 meaningless charges just to pile on the potential felonies. His reasoning is that one of them ought to stick and give him a big notch on his tomahawk.

Bragg may actually have done Trump a favor. The Stormy Daniels hush money trial begins March 25. It’s possible that Trump could be found not guilty on all charges, immediately leading to the perception that the other cases against Trump are equally as frivolous and accept Trump’s view that these are all political prosecutions. 

It doesn’t take much to bring down a house of cards.

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