Ann Coulter Stuns Maher’s Audience With Just One Line About How Media Treats Identities of Mass Shooters

Ann Coulter revels in making controversial statements. The author of 13 New York Times bestsellers writes a syndicated column and appears on news and talk shows regularly. Earlier in February, as RedState’s Ward Clark reported, she ruffled plenty of feathers when she appeared to be hoping for former President Donald Trump to go to his grave:


Ann Coulter: To Help Bring America Back, the Best Thing Trump Could Do Is Die

But on Friday, she stunned host Bill Maher, his guest CNN opinionist Van Jones, and the entire audience when she said we’d know all about the identities of the Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooters — if the perps were white males.

Here’s how it went down: Maher started the segment by claiming we don’t know anything about the assailants. Coulter immediately wasn’t having it:

You could feel the tension in the room immediately shooting to the stratosphere. Van Jones looked incredibly uncomfortable, while Maher just appeared stunned. 


The dialogue continued:

Here’s where I thought Maher failed, because instead of arguing the point, he resorted to mocking Coulter in front of his receptive, mostly-progressive audience:

As we’ve reported, Maher can be exasperating because lately, he’s often right on important stories, but then he will inexplicably fall back on the leftist views that used to dominate his opinions and do intellectually silly things like try to sell the wonders of CA Gov. Gavin Newsom.


Jillian Michaels Delivers Some Reality to Bill Maher About Bidenflation—’Go Buy Some F***ing Eggs!’

One can agree or disagree with what Coulter is saying here, and you may or may not like her, but her point is salient and worthy of discussion. The public — and Maher himself — have seen enough indisputable evidence of media bias in our country that to just dismiss her allegations out of hand shows that he simply isn’t interested in exploring that hard question. 

Coulter brings up an important issue: how come some people shot up a parade in a major American city — killing one and injuring dozens — yet we still know next to nothing about who did it?

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