Abbott Announces Plans to Build a Military Base Near Eagle Pass

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) announced plans to build a military base camp near El Paso, Texas, while responding to President Joe Biden’s ongoing immigration crisis. 

The military base will house National Guard troops tasked with the sole responsibility of keeping the southern border secure and free from illegal migrants crossing into the U.S. 

Abbott said on Friday that the camp will be built on 80 acres of land in Eagle Pass and hold up to 1,800 Texas National Guard members. It will also have room to house an additional 500 members in an effort to keep the border’s security on lockdown. 

“This will increase the ability for a larger number of Texas Military Department soldiers in Eagle Pass to operate more effectively and efficiently,” Abbott said during a press conference. 

The governor said the first 300 beds should be ready by April, promising not to reduce Texas resources on the border any time soon. 

“It’s going to consolidate our forces, as opposed to being scattered around many different places across this region. They will be operating out of one place. It will amass a large army in a very strategic area,” Abbott continued, adding that he plans to keep Operation Loan Star in effect for the foreseeable future. 

As the Biden Administration continues to ignore the crisis at the southern border blatantly, Abbott has taken it upon himself to keep Texas citizens safe from the president’s reckless policies. 

He has installed miles of razor wire along areas of the border and shipped illegal migrants to Democrat “sanctuary cities” to bring awareness to the devastating issue plaguing the country. 

Major General Thomas Suelzer also told reporters that Texas plans to expand operations north and south of Eagle Pass by adding three more fan boats and expanding the state’s drone program radar truck capabilities. 

“This will organize substantial forces to expand the razor wire barriers that are going up. We have seen the effectiveness of the razor wire in Shelby Park, where crossings have gone from 3,000 to 5,000 a day to less than 1%,” Abbott said. 

“Texas would not be able to respond to President Biden’s border crisis without the brave men and women of the Texas National Guard, and it is essential to build this base camp for them,” the Republican said. 

Per the Epoch Times, the Texas military base camp will include:

  • A 700-seat dining facility.
  • A recreation center.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • WiFi access.
  • Individual rooms for soldiers.
  • Chaplaincy programs.
  • Medical and psychological health facilities.

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