Things Get Tense After Tempers Flare Between Biden White House, Press Corps Over Hur Report Coverage

We reported Thursday on how there has been a reckoning of sorts going on among members of the White House Press Corps (WHPC) in recent days regarding their coverage of President Joe Biden over the last three years. 

Specifically, in light of the Hur report, they are now acknowledging that the issues with Biden’s age and memory have been obvious for a while – but that they deliberately chose to only discuss it amongst themselves and keep it primarily to water cooler talk rather than do their jobs in informing the public.

The reasons why they largely chose to look the other way, of course, should be obvious to any conservative who is familiar with the way the mainstream media operates.

Further, there have been admissions that they should have aggressively covered that issue early on, with one member of the WHPC telling Puck News that “There should have been tougher, more scrutinizing coverage of his age earlier.”

As it turns out, the impetus for these conveniently timed self-reflections may have been the Biden White House itself, which sent a nastygram to the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) on Tuesday, as we also reported, urging them to correct course on what White House Counsel Office spokesman Ian Sams called “striking inaccuracies [in their reporting] that misrepresent the report’s conclusion about the President.”

Translation: Stop focusing on Hur’s observations about President Biden’s age and poor memory issues.

Sams also alleged, without evidence, that “reporters in the White House Briefing Room have asked questions that include false content or are based on false premises.”

Now even with the press oftentimes openly doing the bidding of Democrats, they still don’t like receiving what looks suspiciously like a “how could you?” letter from a scorned lover White House. So in response, WHCA president Kelly O’Donnell (from NBC News) blasted back, basically telling Sams in so many words that there were other ways that he could have handled this without making it so public and personal lol:

WHCA President Kelly O’Donnell called the letter from spokesperson Ian Sams “misdirected” and said it was “inappropriate” for the White House to disseminate it through internal distribution channels meant for the sharing of logistics and need-to-know information.
“As a non-profit organization that advocates for its members in their efforts to cover the presidency, the WHCA does not, cannot and will not serve as a repository for the government’s views of what’s in the news,” O’Donnell said. “The White House has far reach to make its positions known on [special counsel Robert Hur’s] report or any other matter.”
O’Donnell noted the White House has direct contact information for White House correspondents, editors and bureau chiefs and should have reached out to them directly if they had concerns about coverage.

Something else O’Donnell said also caught my attention:

“In its 110-year history, our association has never controlled or policed the journalism that is published or broadcast by our members or their employer…”

Maybe not “controlled or policed” but certainly they’ve gone by an unspoken but understood rule about ways to frame or otherwise approach coverage, as confirmed by the admissions about how the press corps as an entity chose to downplay or overlook Biden’s obvious health issues from Day One.

In any event, whatever the case may be it’s clear at this point that Biden’s concerning mental lapses aren’t the only things that were confirmed with the release of the Hur report; the media’s lapdog tendencies when it comes to covering (and covering for) Democrats were as well, something they’re now confessing to – even if only to each other.

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