More Fani Willis Fun – The Reason She Won’t Be Testifying Further Is Hilarious

The testimony of Fulton County DA Fani Willis during the disqualification hearing on Thursday was an incredible clown show. 

She came off as combative as she refused to properly respond to questions and freaked out all over the defense attorneys who were questioning her. She exploded on Michael Roman’s defense attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, shouting that she was lying about her. Then she also flipped out on Trump attorney Steve Sadow, saying she wasn’t going to “emasculate a black man” by answering his question about when she had contact with Nathan Wade. 

It was even too much for MSNBC, whose legal analysts thought Willis was in big trouble after her former friend said that she knew Willis and Wade were dating in 2019, which contradicted what they told the Court. 

She had a couple of other fun moments I wanted to share. 

Here’s how she didn’t know what continent Belize and some of the other places she went with Wade were on. 

“Don’t embarrass me,” she said. I think she did just fine on that, all on her own. 

Willis testified that she had a lot of cash that she kept around her house. Then there was this tidbit that I trust authorities might want to check on. 

This morning, Willis was supposed to continue to testify, but will not be testifying further because the state supposedly has no more questions. 

Fox speculated that she might want to cut her losses. 

What was truly funny was this chyron from CNN: 


Who were the “sources”? Fani Willis and a band of friends? That was truly funny. I don’t think anyone would think that her “testimony was enough.” But as Fox said, maybe they just knew that it could only get worse for it to continue and they were embarrassed enough. 

That was George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley’s thought as well. 

Now we’ll have to see where the judge goes on the question of disqualification. He should disqualify them both, but the question is whether the “magical D” will trump common sense and the facts here. 

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