WATCH: Michael Rapaport Admits ‘I Was Wrong’ About Trump in Fascinating Discussion on ‘Fine People’ Hoax

In November, we reported on how actor and comedian Michael Rapaport, who has been virulently anti-Trump for quite some time, said that voting for former President Donald Trump was now on the table. He’s been screaming names at Trump like “pig d*ck” for a while. But Rapaport acknowledged he was considering voting for him because  “We need to get this whole f**king situation under control.” That’s pretty big movement for someone on the left. 

On a podcast with Patrick Bet David, Rapaport made another interesting declaration that perhaps gives hope that people can be reeled back from TDS and some of the belief they have in false “facts” about Trump. 

Warning for graphic language:

“I was wrong,” Rapaport declared about what Trump said about Charlottesville, the “both sides” quote. “When you see the full quote, that wasn’t what he said,” Rapaport admitted. He explained how he “ranted on him hard for that.” 

Co-host Adam Sosnick then discussed how people got played by what the media claimed Trump said. Yet when you looked at his policies, they were better than what we’re stuck with now. 

Rapaport then went on to say, “I’m not voting for Biden, I’m not voting for Kamala.” Then he also decimated Gavin Newsom, the guy some people kick around as a possible replacement for Biden.

“Gavin? I just left California,” Rapport said. “I’m not voting for Gavin with the good hair; I’m not a sucker.” 

I think that this is pretty interesting because he shows that people can potentially be reeled back from at least some of their TDS when presented with the truth. So many people believed this lie about Charlottesville. Indeed, Joe Biden has pushed it, saying that was one of the reasons that he ran in the 2020 election. If someone as extreme as Rapaport can be brought to the truth, maybe others can as well. 

It also exposes how evil this falsehood was and how much this has been stoked for division and hatred of Trump. Yet, it’s just one example. So much of what the left thinks they “know” about Trump is false and has been debunked, but they never got to the debunking. A lot of people still believe things like the “fine people” lie despite the evidence to the contrary, so it’s good that Rapaport is willing to call it out. Not everyone is willing to be so public about being wrong. 

People loved the awakening. 

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