OPINION: Iran Is Wrong, We’re the Great Angel, Israel Is the Little Angel

So far, lost in the brouhaha over the Border Act is one of the other key components of the bill: the allocation of $17 billion to Israel in support of its war with Hamas. This is a war Israel didn’t ask for, nor did it provoke. Still, it has no choice except to wage it fiercely and completely. And America is right to be on Israel’s side until the job is done.

By providing this supplemental support over and above the $3 billion annually in economic and military assistance, America makes an invaluable investment in one of its most loyal democratic partners. Indeed, supporting Israel aligns with core American values and priorities, enhances regional security cooperation critical for combating shared threats, and catalyzes breakthrough innovation that benefits both societies.

First, standing with Israel reaffirms America’s commitment to democracy and human rights. As the only full-fledged democracy in the Middle East, Israel shares fundamental values like free elections, minority rights, freedom of speech, and the rule of law. Assisting Israel counters revisionist powers seeking to undermine the liberal international order America has championed since WWII.

Second, American aid bolsters Israel’s military prowess and regional deterrence capabilities, enabling it to counter shared threats from Iran and terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Israel provides America with vital intelligence on terrorist plots, subversive activities, weapons trafficking, and hostile regimes—intelligence Washington heavily relies upon for keeping Americans safe. Allowing Israel’s military edge to erode would severely undermine regional security and American interests.

Third, collaborating with Israel on security initiatives has yielded innovations enhancing America’s defense capabilities. Israeli engineers have pioneered cutting-edge anti-missile systems, cybersecurity defenses, tunnel detection technologies, and unmanned aerial systems later adopted by the U.S. military. Continuing this cooperation through aid ensures America’s military personnel gain access to life-saving defensive gear.

Fourth, partnering with Israel’s tech ecosystem has birthed groundbreaking commercial innovations powering American economic competitiveness. Israeli cybersecurity firms develop novel network protections adopted across U.S. critical infrastructure sectors. Israeli medical device companies devise advanced diagnostic equipment, drug delivery systems, and telehealth platforms, improving American healthcare. Maintaining robust support grows this win-win collaboration.

Finally, assisting Israel delivers substantial American commercial benefits. According to the Congressional Research Service, Israel utilizes over 75 percent of its aid to purchase American military equipment, funneling billions back to defense manufacturers and creating American manufacturing jobs. Further, America gains priority access to Israeli technological breakthroughs in agriculture, water management, alternative energy, and other spheres—innovations driving U.S. economic growth.

According to the US Census Bureau, the total trade in goods between the United States and Israel in 2022 was $38.8 billion. This includes $16.2 billion in exports from the US to Israel and $22.6 billion in imports from Israel to the US. In addition to the plethora of high-value goods sold to Israel each year, the country produces some of the world’s most remarkable healthcare advancements, technology innovations, and scientific initiatives. The extraordinary research and development programs generated by their world-class university system make our world better, safer, and smarter.

In short, aiding Israel serves America’s interests strategically, morally, and economically.

American taxpayers gain tremendous returns by investing in Israel’s strategic security. Without a doubt, the United States gains far more from Israel’s peace and prosperity than we spend on financial support. Indeed a better deal and return on investment you won’t find. Congress, the Biden administration, and future presidential administrations would all be wise to continue this win-win strategic partnership with Israel for years to come.

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