Biden’s Disgusting Pandering As He Messes Up Kamala’s Name and Jill Has to Play Handler Again

I have to say that one of the things that really gets me about Joe Biden is how he will say anything he can to pander to people. 

If it’s an event with black people, we will hear about how he was raised in black churches. 

If it’s firefighters, it will be about how his house almost burned down and he almost lost the Corvette. Oh, and his wife. And the cat. In that order. 

If it has to do with trains, hello, Angelo Negri, “Joey Baby” will be talking about how you pinched his cheek again, even though the encounter could not ever have happened as Biden explained.

On Tuesday, Biden held an event at the White House in recognition of Black History Month. So you knew there would be pandering in the mix. 

He actually pulled out the “I have a black friend” pandering approach this time. 

“We are really fortunate to have a real leader, a true friend, and an historic vice president, Kamala Harris,” Biden said as he grabbed and clutched Kamala’s hand. “I not only asked him (??) to join me, I love her. Hehehe. It’s a good relationship; she’s doing an incredible job.” She’s a woman, Joe. I know Democrats have difficulty with the concept of what a woman is, but Joe should know — he’s always sniffing their hair. 

That’s typical Biden — he has a long history of awkward, if not straight-up offensive, comments when it comes to black people, from his comments about Barack Obama to his “you ain’t black “comment to Charlamagne tha God.

But as much as he “loves” Kamala, he still can’t get her name right. How is this possible after three years? 

He can’t even keep it straight from moment to moment. He said the name right when he said, “I love her.”

His brain is truly broken, and/or he just can’t be bothered. Or perhaps it’s deliberate. Any way you slice it, you know that relationship is not good. 

Biden then announced the performance part of the event. 

“Please enjoy the performers (performance?) that’s about to begin,” Biden announced. 

He turned toward Jill, who was slightly off camera, then said, “Alright, we’re gonna walk off here.” So it sounded/looked like she directed him in some way. 

It’s always something to hear people laugh when Biden does things like this, as though it is funny. It sounds like they are so blind. 

But if that direction from Jill to Joe wasn’t blatant, the next direction from her was. She has to direct him off the stage, like a toddler. 

Joe appears confused, looking this way and that. “Go out this way,” you can hear Jill say to him as he’s about to walk off in the opposite direction. As she and Joe greet the performer who was there, Joe grabs her elbow to keep her with him. But she turns and walks away anyway. 

I often think she seems like she’s tired of being a handler for him, and that’s very sad if true. 

Now off the stage, Biden tries to direct people to be quiet while the performance is going on. But they’re not listening to him. Then he ends up talking himself, whispering to Jill. 

The song was so appropriate for Biden. He can’t “make us love him” if we won’t. “You can’t make your heart feel something it won’t. Here in the dark, in these final hours…I can’t make you love me, if you don’t.” 

Let’s hope we are counting down to the final hours that he’s occupying the office, come next January. 

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