CNN Anchor Stunned Into Silence After Panelist Explains Why Illegals Don’t Stay in Florida

CNN anchor Erica Hill was stunned into silence on Friday morning after a panelist explained to her why illegal immigrants don’t stay in Florida. 

The exchange came after four illegal immigrants were released from jail with no bail after assaulting two police officers in New York City. As they walked out of the police station, they flipped off the cameras and then, according to the NYPD, got on a bus to flee California. 

During the CNN segment, Jon Miller, who is a law enforcement analyst for CNN, explained how organized these criminal illegal aliens are, noting their rap sheets. He then brings up what NYPD detectives are telling him about why illegal immigrants are coming back to New York. The answer? They’d end up in jail if they stayed in Florida.

That’s followed by a period of awkward silence before one of the anchors abruptly ends the segment.

MILLER: These individuals, I went over their rap sheets yesterday, multiple charges, grand larceny, robbery, attempted robbery, grand larceny, grand larceny. This particular crew operated on mopeds and scooters. They were doing organized retail theft, they were doing snatches on the street. iPhones, iPads, clothing, so on and so forth. One of them that they are still seeking has ten charges in one day because he’s part of a pattern that’s been going on. 
And I’m looking at the dates that their arrests started, which is probably close to when they got here. They’ve only been here a couple of months. So what the detectives are telling me is they have crews here that operate in New York, do all their stealing, then go to Florida to spend the money and come back, and I’m like, “Why don’t they just stay and steal in Florida?” They said, “Because there you go to jail.”
(Other anchor ends the segment)

Yeah, ending the segment was probably for the best given CNN’s political leanings. The truth can be hard to hear sometimes, but Miller is undoubtedly telling the truth. Democrats like to blame Republicans for illegal immigrants overwhelming places like New York and Chicago. The truth is that illegal immigrants want to go there because they know they are immune from the law once they arrive. 

If four illegal immigrants can beat up two cops on camera, and be released almost immediately without having to even post bail, there’s essentially nothing they can’t get away with. Naturally, once they do get released, they just hop on a bus on bus and head to another blue bastion with “bail reform,” in this case, California. It’s just a matter of time before they strike again.

Bad policies have bad consequences. Even the most liberal of states and cities can only run from that reality for so long. New York voters wanted this. They put people in power who told them they were going to destroy the criminal justice system in the name of social reform. Well, they are now getting what they voted for. 

Meanwhile, Florida is run by a governor who takes law and order seriously. That’s led to one of the lowest crime rates in any major state in the union. Even Miami, which has historically been a Democrat haven within the Sunshine State, has a crime rate under the national average. 

Illegals who commit further crimes aren’t going to stay in Florida because they know they’ll end up rotting in a jail cell. It’s called deterrence. Perhaps New York should try it.

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