Nikki Haley Slams Donald Trump Over E. Jean Carroll Verdict: ‘America Can Do Better’

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley took a shot at former President Donald Trump after a court ruled against him in a defamation case filed by an author who claimed he sexually assaulted her decades ago.

Haley, who is currently trailing Trump in the 2024 Republican presidential primary race by almost 60 points, according to the latest RealClearPolitics polling average, referenced the exorbitant settlement the former president is being ordered to pay to E. Jean Carroll, stating that “American can do better than Donald Trump and Joe Biden.”

Haley is the only candidate left in the race other than Trump, and has been struggling to catch up to him in the polls. The highly-anticipated South Carolina primary race is about a month away and given the fact that it is Haley’s home state, it is expected to be a deciding factor in her candidacy.

On Friday, a jury in the U.S. District Court in New York ruled against the former president, holding him liable for defaming Carroll in his denials of her rape allegations against him.

Trump responded on Truth Social, slamming the ruling and vowing to appeal it.

This line of attack from Haley is not surprising, but it is also unlikely to do any real damage to the former president’s bid to secure the Republican nomination. This case, along with the series of indictments filed against him by Democratic officials, are largely viewed as politically motivated, especially among members of the Republican voting base.

The exorbitant settlement Trump has been ordered to pay further indicates that this particular case, just like the others, is intended to harm Trump politically and financially. On the right, most are not going to see this as anything other than an effort to influence the outcome of the upcoming election, which means Haley isn’t likely to take any votes from the former president.

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  1. Democrats can do better than Carrol. She is a wack job who wants the money from defamation, not from the actual law suit. Another political setup right before election time.

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