‘Look, If You Are Sleeping With a Prosecutor’: ‘The View’ Blasts Fani Willis for Jeopardizing Trump Case

Just for fun, let’s first cut to the chase — and then run through the rest of the story.

The geniuses of ABC’s “The View” were mighty pissed off at Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis on Friday, calling her out for potentially jeopardizing the case against former President Donald Trump for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Willis is facing allegations that she had an unethical sexual relationship with the special counsel she assigned to prosecute the case against the former president.

The probably-not-Mensa-members co-hosts went back and forth something fierce, as they twisted themselves into anguished pretzels over the whole sordid thing.

Professional race hustler Sonny Hostin kicked off the festivities — first, by declaring that she didn’t think the allegations against Willis would compromise the case against Trump, one way or the other.

Wait — did Hostin suggest that Willis was likely guilty, as alleged? Yes. After accidentally suggesting that Willis had slept with Special Counsel Nathan Wade, she panicked — and attempted to deny what she’d just said.

Joy Behar jumped in with: “She doesn’t admit to that,” leading Hostin to double down:

Huh? Never mind.

Hostin then went back and forth with co-host Ana Navarro after Navarro said:

“If, if, allegedly,” Hostin shot back.

Unfazed, Navarro continued to make her point.

Token pretend Republican Alyssa Farrah Griffin then jump in to explain why she was “pissed off about this.”

Genius stuff, right? Navarro shot back:

That’s enough of the silliness, but what wasn’t silly was Hostin’s obsession with Trump.

Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome, gang. Hostin couldn’t give a damn whether or not Willis had an affair with Gabe Banks. All she cares about is Trump being convicted of something — regardless of what it might be.

The Bottom Line

As is usually the case when I write about “The View,” I came away from this piece somewhat perplexed. The only thing that was clear to me was the ladies’ hatred of Donald Trump — which always seems to diminish whatever other points they try to make, if any. 

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  1. I’m loving it! Anything these evil people say or do to Donald Trump, the true American spokesman of the American citizens just makes us stronger and them sound crazier. Something big must be coming for us all because I’ve never seen such blatant insanity in my lifetime of 54 years.

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