Doocy Busts WH Over Biden’s Mental Capability, Then Biden Gets His Cabinet Secretaries Confused

Joe Biden’s mental issues were exposed again after a briefing when Fox’s Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the continuing polling that showed the American people don’t think Biden is mentally capable of the job. Only 28 percent thought he was capable in a recent ABC news poll, with 69 percent thinking he wasn’t. That’s a pretty devastating number. 

KJP protested, “‘I have to say that’s a little confusing for me, because if you look at what this president has done in the last three years, historical pieces of legislation, right?'” 

She mentioned various pieces of legislation, including the Inflation Reduction Act. But legislation passed in Congress and signed by him doesn’t show competence, as we’ve seen his lack of it, day after day. Plus, the Inflation Reduction Act is one of the things that has likely contributed to higher inflation; it didn’t reduce it at all. It was a spuriously named climate agenda bill — so that says something about Biden right there, none of it good. She also talked nonsense about unemployment when Biden came in, in the wake of COVID. People returned to work after lockdowns; he did nothing to increase jobs.

When you have to spin so much nonsense in the face of the issues, you’re not working with a full deck or a strong hand. And that’s the problem with Joe Biden and his defenders here. 

No sooner had KJP said it was “confusing to me” than Joe Biden had yet another episode of disturbing confusion. Biden was speaking at a meeting of his “Reproductive Rights Task Force” when he appeared to mix up two of his cabinet secretaries. 

Biden said, “I also like to thank the gender policy advisor, my gender policy adviser, Jen Klein.”

“Where’s Jen sitting? There you are, Jen,” he said. 

“Thank you. And Secretary Becerra, sitting right next to her, for the leadership in this task force,” he finished, naming the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra.

Except it wasn’t Becerra. It was Alejandro Mayorkas, his Department of Homeland Security Secretary, who is presently facing an impeachment hearing. They don’t even look alike, he can’t even tell the difference anymore. That’s how bad it’s getting. Becerra wasn’t even there. And perhaps even worse, why the heck are we paying for a “gender policy advisor”? 

This confusion from Biden was similar to something he did last week, where he talked about just taking a picture with someone at an event, then had to correct himself and say that person wasn’t even at the event. He also had a scary moment of complete blank-eyed confusion when they were running him around to stores in Allentown. 

Biden is sinking fast, and it’s hard to see how he’ll even make it to continue campaigning to November, but this is how little the Democrats care about America that they continue to put this guy forward and endanger the country. 

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