Another Desperate Move to Rig the Democrat Presidential Primary Is Now Under Investigation

For being an unbeatable incumbent who’s supposedly done such an amazing job, Democrats sure seem terrified of letting Joe Biden face a fair primary process. 

The trouble first began when the DNC decided to rig the game by moving South Carolina’s primary ahead of New Hampshire’s. That’s significant because the former state is a far friendlier venue for the current president, and it served as his saving grace during a contentious 2020 campaign. Bernie Sanders was cruising to the nomination until the Democrat establishment all colluded to ensure Biden scored a win in South Carolina. 

New Hampshire didn’t take too kindly to that swipe, and they set their primary before South Carolina anyway. That led to the DNC pulling its support and vowing to not count the state’s delegates. Still, the efforts to further ensure Biden doesn’t face a real challenge are continuing. 

That leads us to the latest controversy, which involves a robocall using Joe Biden’s “voice” encouraging Democrats to not vote in New Hampshire. 

A recording of the call reviewed by The Associated Press generates a voice similar to Biden’s and employs his often-used phrase, “What a bunch of malarkey.” It then tells the listener to “save your vote for the November election.”
“Voting this Tuesday only enables the Republicans in their quest to elect Donald Trump again,” the voice mimicking Biden says. “Your vote makes a difference in November, not this Tuesday.”

The voice heard in the call was likely produced with artificial intelligence, and the goal of it is clear. Because Biden’s name is not even on the ballot in New Hampshire (another attempt to preempt any bad results), some Democrats do not want the president garnering the bad press from the beatdown that is going to occur. The less turnout, the better so that they can claim the results are irrelevant. 

State authorities are now investigating the call, trying to figure out who planned, paid for, and executed it. It’s unlikely it came directly from a group connected to Joe Biden, but the web of dark money groups Democrats work through is extensive.

Does any of this project confidence for Biden? Why would anyone even go through the trouble of trying to suppress the vote in New Hampshire given the dynamics at play? It would take an act of God for Biden to lose the primary at this point, and I’m not even sure his challengers have enough ballot access to win across all the states. In the end, aren’t all these attempts to rig the process just drawing more negative attention to the incumbent? 

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