Joe Biden Delivers Tyrannical Response After Trump Is Removed From the Ballot

As RedState reported, pandemonium has justifiably ensued following a decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to remove Donald Trump from the state’s ballot. The move came after the court ruled that the former president had committed “insurrection” regarding January 6th and was thereby disqualified under the 14th Amendment. 

Now, Joe Biden has chimed in with a message that is clearly timed to serve as a response to the ruling.

When Democrats mumble about protecting democracy, it’s normally an occasion for an eye roll. This is deeper than that, though. In the face of a court removing the ability of voters to elect who they want to represent them, the President of the United States is pretending that it’s somehow Donald Trump who is the threat to “democracy.” 

What’s in that post by Biden is the same logic that has been used by tyrants throughout history. Crazed dictators always suggest that they must save the people from themselves. In this case, the president and many on the left believe that to save democracy, they have not just a right, but an obligation to destroy it. Laughably, as they tell you who you can and can’t vote for via legal machinations, they demand to be treated as liberators. 

Think about how ironic just the first part of Biden’s statement is. He says that Trump poses a threat to the country’s “right to choose.” He’s talking about abortion, obviously, but what is more fundamental when it comes to choice in a democracy than the right to choose who you vote for? The same goes for his mention of voting rights. It’s not Donald Trump who is curtailing voting rights. It’s Biden and the far left who are either directly trying to strip those rights from Americans or passively letting it happen without pushback.

This nonsense about being a threat to democracy is projection, and they don’t even attempt to hide it. That’s how sure Democrats are that the system will do their bidding for him. Are they right? I guess we’ll find out. 

In the meantime, Biden’s words deserve sharp condemnation. The Democratic Party has convinced itself that it can violate the most basic tenets of the democratic process for the “common good.” That’s dangerous and evil. It is up to voters to decide who is and isn’t a threat, not Joe Biden or anyone else of his persuasion. 

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