Adam Schiff Targets Conservative Supreme Court Justice in Latest Fundraising Scheme

California House Democrat Adam Schiff, who is running to replace the late Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2024, is fundraising with fresh attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

“Far-right Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas suggested to a Republican member of Congress that he might resign if Congress didn’t increase Supreme Court justices’ salaries,” Schiff writes in a new fundraising email, sent by ActBlue begging for money.  “After that conversation in 2000, Republican megadonors lavished Clarence Thomas with “a stream of gifts from friends and acquaintances that appears to be unparalleled in the modern history of the Supreme Court,” from luxury vacations to tuition payments.”

“After Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump conspired to stack the Court with three far-right justices, the result for our country has been disastrous,” Schiff continues. “That’s why I’ve led the efforts to pass legislation to expand the Supreme Court and institute term limits and a code of ethics, so that the open corruption we’ve suffered from does not continue. That’s what I’ll fight for in the U.S. Senate, where California’s next Senator will be responsible for casting votes to confirm or deny Supreme Court justices. If you can spare $3 or more ahead of my FEC deadline to help in this fight, I’m personally asking you to chip in right now.”

Of course, in typical fashion, Schiff’s claims about Justice Thomas are completely untrue. His attacks are without any evidence. 

In 1991 when Thomas was first nominated to sit on the bench, he said he would “rather die” than withdraw his nomination to the Supreme Court. According to those close to him, nothing has changed.

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