Here’s What Was Spray Painted Onto the Lincoln Memorial Steps Last Night

Anti-Israel vandals defaced the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C, this week, dumping red paint on the steps of the iconic monument and spray painting “FREE GAZA” on several parts of the tribute to our 16th president. 

The graffiti and damage was discovered on Wednesday morning, causing parts of the memorial to be closed while National Park Service crews begin the work of cleaning up after the Hamas-sympathizing vandal or vandals who caused the damage.

According to FOX 5, “conservators began the process of removing the paint almost immediately after it was discovered” but “it may take multiple treatments over several days to remove it all.”

As FOX 5’s Bob Barnard noted, there’s still “no word on who did this” but they were not found at the scene when the graffiti was discovered. Authorities are asking anyone with information related to the incident to contact the United States Park Police by calling (202)379-4877 or emailing

What the vandals of course don’t realize is that the group from which Gaza needs to be freed is Hamas — the Iran-backed terrorists that diverted international aid into building up its terror network rather than investing in infrastructure, the same barbarians who hide their rocket launchers and bases of operation inside schools, mosques, and hospitals. If Gaza is ever to be “free,” Hamas must first be wiped out.

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