Confusion Runs Rampant As Biden Flubs Statements on Race, Student Loans, and ‘Bidenomics’

A day after it was reported that Joe Biden’s handlers were worried about him doing too many events due to his physical and mental limitations, they were proven correct when the president traveled to Milwaukee. 

Biden was there to speak to the “Black Chamber of Commerce,” no doubt feeling the pressure as his record-low poll numbers loom large. A politician pandering to their base during hard times isn’t remarkable. One doing so as ineptly as Biden did is, and the concerns about his health were not quelled by this latest performance. 

Things kicked off with a short-lived and very awkward jog to the podium, something that has become a go-to move for the president as he seeks to shake off criticism surrounding his age and decline. Once he began to speak, though, it was obvious the same old Biden was on tap. 

What is he talking about? Certainly, he’s not asserting that Delaware has the eighth-largest black population so I’d assume he means Pennsylvania, where the president lived as a young child. The problem is that Pennsylvania isn’t even in the top ten (source). If it were, though, Biden’s butchered quip makes no sense. He wasn’t a politician in Pennsylvania so no one “brung” him “to the dance early.” 

I assume he meant to say, “You’ve got to dance with the one who brung ya.” Somehow, that got turned into “you brung me to the dance early on.” Was that on his teleprompter? Or did he just mess up the line that badly? Inquiring minds and all that. Also, just to cover my bases, I looked up the black populations of states per capita in case that’s what Biden meant. Neither Pennsylvania nor Delaware are in the top eight. 

Long story short, if you’re going to pander, at least have your lines memorized. That goes for making claims about canceling student loan debt as well. 

There are about 320 million people in the United States. 136 million of them do not hold student loan debt. The total number is around 43 million. Of those, almost none of them have had any student loan debt cancellation. So is Biden lying? Or is he just highly confused? Once again, we are left to play translator for the President of the United States because he can’t be trusted to speak with any ounce of clarity and precision. I would assume that he means he’s canceled $136 billion in student loan debt, but who knows. 

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a Biden speech in 2023 without him doubling down on “Bidenomics.” 

If you can’t watch the video, the president bumbles on about how “trickle down” doesn’t work because it didn’t help his father and that growing the “middle class” is how you help people. That’s “Bidonimcis,” he proclaims at the end. The result of Biden’s policies is to make everyone poorer, though, at least in terms of buying power. When cumulative inflation goes up 20 percent over three years, the topline numbers of “wealth” look higher, but what matters is what you can do with that money in the current economy. 

Give me the “trickle-down” policies of the Reagan era every day and twice on Sunday over the stagflation nonsense we currently have. Is it any wonder Biden’s economic messaging is going so poorly?

So how did things end? As usual, the president couldn’t figure out how to exit the stage. 

His handlers need to start putting in the teleprompter that he needs to exit the way he came in. It’s such a simple solution to such a consistent problem. That assumes Biden would read the teleprompter correctly, though, so obviously, nothing is foolproof

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  1. This country still allowing biden to make us the laughing stock of the world. Biden and his policies are the biggest threat to our safety and our being a super power. Bidenomics doesn’t help anyone but biden and the government. It continues to keep the majority of the middle class living paycheck to paycheck, it raises the cost of living with its inflationary policies, his spending is a disaster to a healthy economy which we haven’t seen through out his disastrous time in office. He claims he is for minorities only until after they vote for him then forgets about them. He is a racist, a pedophile, a blatant liar and the worst president this country has had.

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