UNREAL: Biden Snubs Israeli Hostage Families at Hanukkah Ceremony, Then Botches His Speech

The White House held a Hanukkah ceremony Monday evening, and the event has already produced a massive controversy. According to reports, Joe Biden snubbed the families of Hamas hostages, refusing to extend invites to them even after they requested to attend. 

That comes as over a hundred people are still being held captive by the terrorist government in Gaza following the deadly attacks on October 7th in Israel. A CNN segment revealed that some of the families reached out to the White House for permission to attend, presumably to garner a show of solidarity. Instead, the Biden administration ghosted them.

It’s just unreal to witness how cowardly this president is. He is so terrified of his pro-Hamas base that he’d rather absorb a negative news cycle than dare cross them. What did he and his handlers think would happen? Did they think this wouldn’t go public once the families were ignored? When even CNN is reporting how bad this looks, you know things a major screw-up occurred. 

To make matters worse, Biden botched his speech during the ceremony.

As he recently showed (again), Biden is a complete buffoon when it comes to denominations of numbers. He can figure out the difference between millions, billions, and trillions, and he apparently can’t delineate between years and days either. It’s embarrassing for the entire nation to have this on display. 

It’s also insulting to the families he snubbed. One can only assume that Biden is so aloof and numb to the pain of others that he didn’t even prepare for the event so as not to make such a ridiculous mistake. It’s not difficult to read over a speech before delivering it. 

How many more examples do we need before people stop pretending Biden is the “Empathizer in Chief.” This guy couldn’t care less about the hostages. He’d rather be at his beach house in Delaware than accomplish any part of his actual job with competency and sympathy. It’s one of the many reasons he has no business being president. A man who will throw those taken hostage by terrorists under the bus to please the rabid antisemites in his base will do anything to hold onto power, and that’s a dangerous thing. 

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