Some Signers of the Infamous Hunter Biden Intel Letter Are Back With a New and Infuriating Demand

Remember when dozens of former intelligence officials signed a letter just before the 2020 election proclaiming the Hunter Biden laptop to be “Russian disinformation”? Well, some of the signers of that letter are back, and they’ve got a new and infuriating demand. 

That news comes via deep-state stenographer Jennifer Griffin, who will apparently report anything the intelligence community puts out without the slightest hint of context. In fact, you wouldn’t even know some of the signers of this new letter also signed the now-debunked Hunter Biden laptop letter if it weren’t for conservatives digging into it. 

I don’t know, but if I were a reporter and I was handed a letter signed by “top former National Security officials” to publicize, I’d probably bother to mention that several of them have been completely discredited already. That would include James Clapper, who is one of the signers of this latest letter. 

Other names joining the crossover event include Michael Morell, Glenn Gerstell, and Richard Ledgett. I can’t think of a worse endorsement for renewing Section 702 than having those four be in support of it. Can you? 

Does anything matter? What else does someone like Clapper have to do before Pentagon lackeys masquerading as reporters start asking questions instead of breathlessly parroting whatever they are told? The Hunter Biden laptop was not only not “Russian disinformation,” it was obvious at the time that it wasn’t. This isn’t a case of Clapper and the company being duped due to a lack of information. The photos and emails were obviously real and had already been confirmed by The New York Post. 

Never mind that Section 702 has been completely abused by the intelligence community and federal law enforcement. Remember Carter Page? His life was largely destroyed because of a fraudulent FISA warrant, and no one even went to jail for it. But we are supposed to just hand the government that power back again?

I’m not sure what’s worse. That some of the signers of the Hunter Biden intel letter are pushing this, or that some Republicans are. Giving up the right to privacy for a faux sense of security is not a trade anyone should want to make.

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