Jesse Watters Catches Dick Durbin in Multiple Falsehoods Regarding Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has been on a bit of a crusade trying to get copies of Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs. While some information was released previously, it was redacted, and she wants the unredacted version. She believes the American public has a right to know and that it’s important to bust up any sex trafficking rings that the deceased sex offender was involved with. 

Toward that end, she asked publicly for a subpoena for the logs during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Nov. 9, but was denied by Committee Chair Dick Durbin (D-IL). 

Blackburn tried again on Nov. 30, but was again blocked by Durbin. As we wrote, Fox’s Jesse Watters followed up, asking, why they would not comply with the request? Durbin’s office told them that they didn’t have enough time to consider it. 

Then Blackburn grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Durbin was also there. She asked about cases from victims that the FBI didn’t pursue, as well as about the flight logs. She described Wray’s response as a non-answer. 

It gets better. Watters sent reporter Hillary Vaughn to ask Durbin about the logs and he said no one had ever raised the issue to him before. 

“It’s never been raised to me by anyone,” Durbin said. Vaughn brought up how Blackburn had been raising the issue in his Committee. “It’s the first time anyone has raised it,” Durbin insisted. “Thank you, Fox.” 

Watters noted they had inquired the prior week about the flight logs with Durbin’s office when they said there wasn’t time to consider it. 

Then Watters said at the Dec. 5 grilling of Wray that Durbin complained about Fox’s Vaughn asking questions and claimed he hadn’t heard about this before. Blackburn corrected him, noting she had brought it up in her amendments and in Committee. Watters pointed out how she brought it up on Nov. 9 directly to Durbin in the hearing.

So Watters pointed out that there were multiple falsehoods, and wondered, why can’t he agree to a subpoena now, in any event? Watters pointed out that Wray told Blackburn he hadn’t looked at the Epstein case in a while, and he asked the same question I did on Tuesday: why? Shouldn’t this be one of the biggest things they are delving into? Obviously not, from his attitude. 

Watters then went into some of the other topics that were brought up with Wray on Tuesday. But the question in regard to the Epstein logs is a good one: what’s the justification for not having a subpoena here or further answers on this from the FBI?

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  1. The reason the flight logs won’t be released is there are too many prominent democrats names on it.. We already know some of those names but they deny knowing Epstein or of his Lolita express.

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