AOC Goes Over the Edge in Laughable Defense Against Censuring Jamaal Bowman for Pulling Fire Alarm

The House is considering a censure vote against Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) for pulling the fire alarm when Democrats were trying to stall a vote in regard to a government shutdown. 

He was caught on camera so he couldn’t deny he did it, but he tried to argue he did it somehow because he was rushing to go vote. Yet in pleading guilty to the offense he admitted that he “willfully or knowingly give a false alarm of fire within the District of Columbia,” So it wasn’t an accident and CNN reporter Manu Raju nailed him on the question. Under the agreement, he only had to pay a $1000 fine and apologize to the Capitol Police — a ridiculous punishment for such an offense — but again showing the power of the “magical D” in our two-tiered system of justice. 

But in response to the censure vote, Bowman again claimed that somehow it was all an accident. His fellow Squad member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) also went over the edge and compared what Bowman did to “jaywalking.” 

Yeah, no. That wasn’t jaywalking, as his plea shows. 

But AOC wasn’t finished yet. As long as she was going over the edge, she decided to go all the way and make a truly ridiculous comparison to the expulsion of former Rep. George Santos (R-NY), They truly have no shame at all. 

First, New York Republicans supported George Santos. Then they voted to expel him. They’re so embarrassed by their behavior that they’re trying to distract people by censuring @RepBowman — doing their best My Cousin Vinny impersonation to break down an incident with a fire alarm.

AOC claimed Republicans argument was “weak,” they were grasping for straws, that Bowman had more “courage in his pinky finger than the entire Republican Party put together, more integrity than the entire Republican Party put together.” She said they were so embarrassed over Santos that they had decided to “target one of the first black men ever to represent Westchester County.” She claimed Republicans are so unable to make people’s lives better, they’ve decided to “bully” their colleagues. 

Um, excuse me? He was the one who broke the law and pulled the fire alarm. Holding people accountable for their actions is not “bullying” except in the mind of the left like AOC and her Squad buddies. She brings up the Santos matter. But Republicans showed that they can hold their own responsible for their actions with that vote, even though it hurt them politically. Unlike the Democrats, unlike AOC, who refuse to hold their people accountable. It’s the exact opposite of what she’s claiming. 

But that’s AOC, all leftism, no reality. We’ll let you know how the vote goes. 

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  1. AOC is a left wing fruit cake, no sense, no brain, no idea of reality. She should be excused from paying back her student loans because she didn’t learn anything in college. She follows the democrats playbook by blaming others instead of taking responsibility for their actions. She has been proven wrong on every issue she opens her yap about. Lets face it there is no such thing as a smart democrat only liberal mental disabilities especially in her case.

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