WATCH: The Delusion of Joe Scarborough and Claire McCaskill Reaches Another Level Over Biden and Trump

MSNBC isn’t known for much beyond its propaganda, and one who often seems to spew plenty of it is Joe Scarborough. But even for him, what he was spewing on his “Morning Joe” with his panel reached another level of delusion when it comes to reality and Joe Biden. 

Scarborough spoke about how “the world could really spiral into World War III, but it’s not because a guy who’s actually had 50 years of experience,” as he tried to defend Joe Biden. 

But it’s exactly under that same guy — Joe Biden — that the world has spun out of control, in large measure because of his policies, such as cozying up to Iran as well as the weakness and failure he showed in Afghanistan. It wasn’t because of former President Donald Trump that we’re facing so many of these problems.  Under Trump, we had a period of increasing peace in the Middle East and no new wars. 

Scarborough speaks about Joe Biden’s relationship with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, as though that’s a good thing, without seeming to care or realize how China has become emboldened and made more threatening moves under Biden. Scarborough doesn’t care at all about any questions of increased single military-age men coming into the country illegally through Biden’s porous border or any question of Biden being compromised because of his family’s shady deals. 

Scarborough says he gets so angry when people talk about “Biden being out of it,” claiming that on “his worst day” he’s “lightyears ahead of Trump on policy, politics, on diplomacy.” And this is why you can’t trust what liberal media says. Has he watched anything Biden has said or done, and how he’s barely coherent half the time? As an alleged ‘journalist” he should be reporting on it, but he isn’t interested in the truth. That might hurt the interests of the Democratic Party. 

Then, former senator Claire McCaskill truly went over the delusional slide with this response to Scarborough that made me laugh out loud. 

She claimed that there was no question about what Scarborough said and “Frankly, on mental capabilities.” She then attacked the “ageism” of people who point out Joe Biden’s competence issues, asking “Who is the one who, frankly, doesn’t know where he is part of the time? Doesn’t know who he’s running against? Doesn’t know what year it is? Doesn’t know world leaders or what countries they’re from?” 

Does she know she just described Biden to a tee while trying to attack Trump? That’s a hilarious attack. Yet she claimed it was Trump who was suffering from an issue of “declining ability” in later life. 

I get that you have to hype for your side and she has to try to deflect from Biden’s deficiencies by saying, “But Trump.” But this is just demonstrably ridiculous and the American people aren’t buying such a pitch. If you look at the polls, it’s Joe Biden who they’re worried over age and mental capacity. 

When they say such things, they just show they have no credibility. 

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