No Way CNN Ran With This Narrative About Israeli Operations in Gaza

You all remember the chant: “CNN sucks.” It’s died down considerably since the Trump presidency ended, but the network remains beholden by morons who can’t put two and two together. And this problem isn’t one exclusive to the liberal network. The New York Times ran with Hamas propaganda over the Gaza hospital explosion, a piece of fake news that set the Muslim world ablaze, endangering American lives at the embassies in Beirut and Baghdad. Everyone who had cognitive function knew it wasn’t an Israeli airstrike. It was an errant rocket salvo from Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The latest bit of nonsense that spewed onto the airwaves was that the network couldn’t confirm that Hamas, a terrorist organization with a history of storing weapons in civilian buildings, had indeed placed weapons caches in hospitals. Some even suggested that there were ulterior motives for Israeli forces rearranging the weapons, an idiotic point since many pointed out the many law enforcement photos showing weapons and drugs from previous busts. Also, you know some of these weapon stores were booby-trapped. 

The BBC and Sky News have also been equally appalling, with some suggesting that the guns belonged to hospital security. Al-Shifa Hospital is the nerve center for Hamas in Gaza. They do have security—they’re called terrorists. 

Israel had cut the Gaza Strip in two, surrounded Gaza City, and entered al-Shifa hospital, exposing Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure below. However, a hostage-based pause is in effect for a few days. No doubt, Hamas will break the truce, but this is the level of denseness that comes when newsrooms get infected with anti-Israel dolts. Thus far, Israel has done well to mute the manufactured media pressure regarding their ground and air campaigns against the terrorists. But if this pause can secure the safe passage of those taken for a brief window, I guess I could see why Netanyhau’s government took it. Hamas will break the agreement soon. It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when,” and when that happens–kill the rest of these terrorist dogs. 

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