Israeli Forces Capture Hamas Gaza Stronghold as Air Strikes, Naval Bombardment Hit Another 450 Terrorist Sites

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced Monday it had successfully stormed a Hamas terrorist stronghold overnight alongside 450 other sites struck by aerial and naval bombardment as the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip continues to pick up speed.

The IDF issued a statement detailing the compound contained observation posts, training grounds, and a tunnel system.

Other terrorist sites were also included in the mass coordinated attack from land, sea, and air as the IDF revealed on social media:

It says several Hamas operatives were killed as troops captured the site. The statement laid out:

Overnight, IDF ground troops took control of a Hamas military compound in the Gaza Strip. The compound contains observation posts, training areas for Hamas operatives and underground terror tunnels. During the operation, several Hamas terrorists were killed. Over the last day, IDF fighter jets struck over 450 Hamas targets, including tunnels, terrorists, military compounds, observation posts, anti-tank missile launch posts and more.
Moreover, IDF naval soldiers struck command centers, anti-tank launch posts and additional observation posts belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization. As part of the activities to target Hamas terrorists, based on ISA and IDF intelligence, IDF fighter jets struck and killed additional Hamas terrorists, including Jamal Mussa who was responsible for the special security operations in the Hamas terrorist organization.
In 1993, Jamal Mussa carried out a shooting attack on IDF soldiers who were patrolling the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, IDF soldiers killed Hamas battalion commanders in battles on the ground.

The IDF says the Navy also carried out strikes against Hamas sites, including command centers, and additional anti-tank guided missile launch positions and observation posts.

The IDF made clear even as it pressed ahead with its attack on Hamas it was making evacuation roots available to those seeking to flee the conflict zone.

To that end it has reopened an evacuation route for Gazan civilians to move south for their safety as detailed on social media:

Shortly after the Israeli strikes, Hezbollah said it fired Grad rockets into Israel in response, AP reports.

A number of rockets hit the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona, Israeli rescue services said.

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