Axelrod: ‘There Is Just a Lot of Concern’ over Biden’s Age

CNN political analyst David Axelrod said Monday on CNN’s “This Morning” that President Joe Biden’s age was a concern for voters in the 2024 election.

Axelrod said, “I’m not reacting to one particular poll, but, you know, a whole body of research and conversations with people, and my concerns. I want to make clear I think Biden has been a great president, I think he’s done things that will have generational impact and importance. I think he’s, you know, been honorable in the office. I have nothing but good things to say, but as I’ve said for like a couple of years now the issue is not, for him is not political, it’s actuarial. You can see that in this poll there is just a lot of concern about the age issue and that is something that i think he needs to ponder.”

He added, “Just do a check and say is this the right thing to do? I believe if he does run he will be the nominee and I’m not encouraging people to challenge him. I think the party should fall in behind him if he’s the nominee of the Democratic Party because at the end of the day this is not a normal race, this is a race about democracy and the state of our democracy and the survival of our democracy.”

Axelrod added, “That’s the threat on the other side here. I know how deeply the president feels about that. So he just has to ask himself, you know, is this the best path? I suspect that he will say yes, but time is fleeting here and this is probably the last moment for him to do that check. It’s probably good if he does.”

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