Just Stop Oil Activists Find Out It’s Not a Good Thing to Try to Block a Bus

Just Stop Oil folks have managed to make themselves very unpopular with the citizenry in the U.K., with their insistence on blocking the roads during their protests. 

We’ve written before about their antics, including blocking a distressed mother who said she had to take her baby to a hospital, and even disrupting the British Open. People have pointed out that not only do these actions demonstrate a lack of concern for the needs of people trying to get through but they’re also causing more emissions.  But that hasn’t stopped their efforts. 

Now, they even appear to be broadening their issues. In addition to continuing their anti-fossil fuel protests, they also tried to block “asylum seekers” from being brought to a barge where they were being housed in the south of England. 

They tried to stand in the middle of the road to prevent the bus from getting through, but as you can see it didn’t go very well for the activists. The bus wasn’t going to be stopped and just kept moving forward, much to the chagrin of the activists. 

The activists were holding a sign that said, “No prison ships.”  It isn’t a prison, it’s free room and board for people. But hey, why let reality get in the way? 

The bus went right up to where they were sitting on the road and then began slowly nudging forward, as the activists screamed and freaked out. Maybe it’s not a good idea to stand in the middle of the road when a bus is trying to come through. But these folks don’t seem to have learned that lesson yet, and that’s why so many people in the U.K. are upset with them. 

The activists later claimed that the government risked trying to kill them by the actions of the bus driver. 

JSO later shared a statement admitting defeat and hysterically accusing the driver of ‘intent to kill’. A spokesman said: ‘We are saddened to report that we were unable to halt transportation of refugees to the prison – the driver rammed through the block, risking killing those in front.’

Looks like in this case, bringing in illegal aliens trumps the eco characters.

But this protest shows how leftist protests tend to all be connected. The Just Stop Oil folks argued that “governments plan for new oil and gas is going to lead to more people being displaced from their homes.” So they were even trying to blame illegal immigration on fossil fuels, which is a neat trick. 

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