Adam Kinzinger Invokes Jesus in His Continuing Trump Hatred, Gets Completely Wrecked by Jenna Ellis

If there’s anyone who has fully earned mockery over time, it has to be Adam Kinzinger, the guy known for his crying about issues. 

He’s constantly starting Twitter flame wars now that he’s no longer in office. I guess now being a propagandist on CNN isn’t interesting enough for him. He has to keep trying to get a fix for being a troll on Twitter. It’s sad, that’s what he has descended to, and it’s sort of funny that he’s so wrecked himself because of his hatred of former president Donald Trump. 

That’s the one subject he can never seem to let go of — the Trump hatred, just like Liz Cheney. We saw her having delusions of grandeur and not ruling out a presidential run when asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. She’s completely a one-note, ranting about how concerned she is that Trump might get into office. Why would anyone vote for her for anything when she’s so twisted?  

Our friends at our sister site Twitchy picked up on the fact that Kinzinger was letting loose as well this weekend, attacking Jenna Ellis. But he also tried to invoke Jesus in the process.  

“Jesus didn’t support overthrowing elections,” Kinzinger ranted including a picture of Jenna Ellis’ profile in which she says she’s a “servant of Christ.”Might want to plea out now, everyone else has,” Kinzinger said. 

Kinzinger is once again slinging nonsense. To him, it’s okay if Democrats raise challenges, but not if Republicans do, and if Republicans do it, it’s “overthrowing elections.” But invoking Jesus to support his obsession was particularly bad. 

However, Ellis responded and reminded him that under our rule of law which Democrats haven’t quite destroyed yet, people are innocent until proven guilty and they’re entitled to a trial.

“Are you familiar with the ‘trial’ and execution of Jesus, Adam?” she schooled Kinzinger. 

“You might want to actually read the Gospel and understand the history here before making frivolous claims about Christ to score twitter points. You’re an embarrassment and I’m so glad you’re gone from Congress. “

Ellis also had fun with him saying thanks for bringing attention to her legal defense fund.

It’s gross for him to invoke Jesus for his petty political agenda. Jesus isn’t his toy to pull out for his whims. When he does that, it shows he doesn’t understand much. 

But that’s where a lot of the Never Trump folks are at this point — they’re not about anything good, just about the hate. 

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