“Arizona Dems’ Reaction to New Mexico Gun Order Shows They May Have Ideas Too

We’ve been covering the truly awful executive order signed by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham suspending open and concealed carry in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County for thirty days. It was troubling that while the top law enforcement officials expressed some concerns about the governor’s edict, they didn’t just come right out and say: No, this is unconstitutional, you shouldn’t be doing it, and we will stand up against you doing it. 

Then it was more than a little shocking to see sense come from a couple of unexpected quarters, like Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and gun control advocate David Hogg. They both came out against this move by Lujan Grisham, interestingly in the same language, saying that there was no “state public health emergency exception” to the Constitution. This may be the one and only time people on the right ever say that both Ted Lieu and David Hogg are right about something, although, as I noted earlier, one has to wonder what’s up when these staunch gun control advocates take such a position in such similar language. Has the memo gone out, and is there something else going on here? Are they suggesting there is a national public health exception since they specify a “state” exception?  Something is up when these guys are finally saying something right. 

But just in case you thought that Lieu and Hogg were a sign of Democrats finally showing some sense and getting it, the Arizona House Democrats blew up that notion with their response to Lujan Grisham. The New Mexico governor posted about her order on X, and they responded after she had her press conference regarding it with a “hat tip.”

That sounds a lot like they think that it’s just a great idea to eliminate constitutional rights by executive order. 

But the reaction to this from the folks in Arizona was strong, and they made clear that whatever the heck the Democrats were pushing in New Mexico wasn’t going to fly in Arizona. This would also likely put their fortunes in the election in the swing state in jeopardy with this kind of radical position. 

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell had a very blunt message to the Arizona House Democrats. 

This is why you need to call for impeachment and strongly rebuke people like Lujan Grisham, who throw their oaths to uphold the Constitution under the bus like this, who think their will or political agenda trumps the rule of law and the Constitution. Republicans are now calling for impeachment against the New Mexico governor. As the Arizona House Democrats show, you need to take such action, not just to stop Lujan Grisham, but as a signal to the other radicals that Americans are not going to tolerate such things. 

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