Report: Fox Forces Jason Aldean to Remove BLM Riot Footage from ‘Try That In a Small Town’ Music Video

Producers of Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” music video have quietly removed archival footage of Black Lives Matter rioters after Fox threatened legal action, according to a new report.

The footage in question is a brief series of clips from Fox 5 Atlanta showing BLM rioters violently protesting in the streets, TMZ reported. Sources told TMZ the company that produced the video reached out to Fox back in May and asked for permission to use the six seconds of news footage.

Fox reportedly asked for more information, specifically the lyrics of the song. But the production company sent Fox a link to the song rather than the lyrics in writing.

A week ago, Fox reached out to the production company and asked them to edit out the footage to avoid any legal action and the production company complied, TMZ reported. Sources described the request as a “polite ultimatum.”

The re-edited “Try That in a Small Town” music video replaces the BLM riot footage — projected on the front of a courthouse building — with shots of Aldean performing the song.

However, the old version of the video can still be found on social media.

As Breitbart News reported,“Try That in a Small Town” has enraged leftists and corporate journalists who have attempted to censor the song for its depiction of the violent and deadly Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 as well as the overall spike in crime in major cities.

CMT, which is owned by Paramount, pulled the music video following pressure from leftist activists. Like other Hollywood studios, Paramount supported the BLM rioters who laid waste to cities around the country.

Aldean has refused to take a knee to the mob, recently performing the hit single to an appreciative crowd who chanted “USA!” in response.

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