Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson Uses Money Not His Mouth. Donates Millions To SAG-AFTRA Fund

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seems to be a nice man. An honorable man. I don’t recall him railing on politics or culture. I am sure he has deeply held beliefs but he doesn’t leap on Twitter or X or whatever it’s called, blasting threats or missives about how he’s going to leave Twitter or X. Since his days “playing” a wrestler with an attitude, he’s had unbounded energy acting and doing philanthropic things. Mr. Johnson does “good works.”

I’ve read about him donating money to needy causes and showing up unannounced at events for fans. Johnson seems to be a genuinely good person.

In a story first reported by Variety Johnson “stepped up” with a big donation to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. A really big donation. Seven-figures. Johnson has been juggling multiple balls for over a decade amassing a reported net worth of $800 Million. He can afford a seven-figure donation, but is his net worth or what he gives any of our business? No, it isn’t. I am heartened by his energy, his industry, and his charity. He works hard and has the means to help others. The SAG-AFTRA Foundation sent a letter to its actors asking for donations and Johnson responded in a big way. The Executive Director of the foundation, Cyd Wilson told Variety:

SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s grants deliver up to $1,500 per individual member, but in extreme conditions where there are health issues or other situations that indicate an actor is in serious jeopardy, a lifetime member can receive up to $6,000 in emergency financial assistance. Thus, Johnson’s seven-figure donation has the potential to aid thousands of actors. (Wilson estimates between 7,000 to 10,000 members will need these services.)
“It is a call to arms for all of us to know that we just have to step up however you can,” Vance adds. “If your step up is $10, step up. Because that $10 is going to help somebody. If it’s $10,000, if it’s $10 million, step up, because we have to. Everyone knows what happens when you go on strike, when you stand for something — as the saying goes, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything — you can’t stand unless you have support underneath you, on the side, up top and up front. So Dwayne is letting everyone know, ‘I’m here. What are you going to do?’”

One can contrast the way Johnson handles the strike and juxtapose it with other actors. Johnson is putting his wallet where his mouth is. Loudmouth fake tough guy Ron Perlman goes in a different direction.

You might recall Perlman. He played Hellboy. Perlman seems to believe he’s the character he once played. Perlman has “quit” Twitter more times than a baby changes diapers. Here he is doing what he does best. Dropping F-bombs and acting the tough guy. Oddly, he isn’t telling anyone about a seven-figure donation to the foundation.

Here is another loudmouth actor/comedian/writer proudly holding his picket sign. Walking a writers’ picket line with a misspelling isn’t the best of looks.

I’m one of those commoners in the audience who thinks the actors and writer unions got themselves into this mess and that they are being largely unreasonable. They have some good and valid points and a lot of bad points.

In any event, some people are honorable and put their big money where others put their big mouths.

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