Schiff: GOP Censure Was a ‘Flagrant Abuse of the House Process’

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Wednesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that the House vote on party lines, with 6 Republicans voting present, to censure him was a “flagrant abuse of the House process.”

Cooper said, “What is your response to this censure?”

Schiff said, “It’s a badge of honor. As Roosevelt said in his time, sometimes you can judge a person by the enemies they makes. This was a MAGA resolution that Donald Trump threatened if any Republicans voted against it like they did last week they would be subject to a primary challenge. So, this is basically Trump and MAGA world going after someone they think is effective in standing up to them. So, I feel like I’ve earned their opposition and was proud to stand with all my Democratic colleagues and oppose this flagrant abuse of the House process.”

Cooper said, “Do you have any regrets on how you handles the Russia issue? The former president was never criminally implicated for anything involving Russia.”

Schiff said, “No, not at all. I think the investigation of his misconduct was very important. It ultimately led to his impeachment, which I was proud to lead. It led to the first bipartisan vote to remove a president in U.S. history. I was also proud to serve on the January 6 Committee, and I would do all of that again. And I would do it the same way. What is really the gravel of the offense here is I feel it was effective at holding him to a account. And if the need were to arise, I would do it all again.”

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