New Jersey Gun Owners Sound Off on Third Circuit Ruling in Carry Case

The New Jersey carry-killer Bruen response law has been winding its way through the judicial process. As Cam reported yesterday, the previous preliminary injunction was partially stayed by a three judge panel of the 3rd Circuit. To say this is disappointing and a let-down would be an understatement, however not all is lost.

The first thing that really is baffling to me is how Judge Bumb’s 230-page opinion on the preliminary injunction can be just tossed by the wayside so easily. Bumb, rather conservatively I might add, picked apart every facet of this conflict and at the snap of a finger, two judges decided to place a stay on her order.

Here’s the thing, as a born-and-raised New Jersey resident who’s finally been repatriated with rights I’ve never had, this is a bit of a sting. Part of what drove me to become an advocate had to do with me approaching my local police department in Middletown, New Jersey – interestingly Governor Phil Murphy’s current hometown since carpetbagging down from Massachusetts – at the age of 21 and asking to apply for a permit to carry. The lady behind the desk told me I couldn’t apply. At which point I said, “This is my constitutional right.” Her reply will stick with me forever, “Not in New Jersey it’s not.” After making a stink, the crone forked over the paperwork. I took the packet and tossed it in the trunk of my ’83 Oldsmobile and never did anything with it. Murphy was still gargling clam chowda up in the Bay State while this all transpired.

20 years after tossing those fingerprint cards and application in the trunk of my car, I now have a New Jersey permit to carry. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Murphy.

The stay on the injunction creates some issues for the everyday carrier. More so than we had when the preliminary injunction was ordered, and even more than the temporary restraining order.

Alright, I can’t carry in a zoo. That does suck. And the myriad of places that I frequent where the possession restrictions are back in place; such as state and county parks. Logistically, this makes things more difficult, 100%. Funny enough, I can carry on a film set, as if that was something I really needed to be worried about, but not within 100 feet of a “permitted event.” However, as Cam pointed out yesterday, the blanket ban on possession on private property is still enjoined. Other good news, the insurance mandate is still off the table.

As we’re approaching Justice Thomas’ birthday, which is tomorrow, I have regained rights, and have more rights today than I did a year ago. I’m not in love with this stay, no one really is.

I’ve read Governor Phil Murphy’s remarks and Attorney General Platkin’s, they’re in Cam’s piece from yesterday. I read the remarks as soon as the two weasels sent them out. Here’s my message to the Murph and Plattykins: 

When I wake up in the morning, I can arm myself if I choose to. I can get in my car and drive about the area to take care of my daily business and chores. The gross majority of what I do on a daily basis I can still continue to do, armed. I won’t be eating at any place that serves booze anymore. I’ll find dry restaurants. In the year or two it takes to shake this out – if we don’t get the stay enjoined en banc, regaining even more rights – I’m going to still get to live my life a free person and there’s nothing you two new world order twerps can do about it. Now go get your f’kin shine box. – John Petrolino on the carry-killer injunction stay

I got some feedback from some New Jersey patriots and I’d like to share some of their sentiments.

Jim Howard, a New Jersey permit to carry holder, friend, instructor and patriot posted online, “Score two for the bad guys today: Hunter Biden gets the deal of a lifetime, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily reinstates parts of the Carry-Killer law…” I reminded Howard that the stay is only temporary and that we’re bound to win on the merits in due time. He further explained some of his concern, “But there’s enough landmines out there for law-abiding gun owners that an inadvertent slip up could cost you your rights…”

Peter Elias, another friend and New Jersey permit to carry holder said in jest: 

Oh thank God we can carry at a film set! Wheeeeew!!!! Was sweating that one. Ya know, think of all those film sets we are in every day. I mean, it’s like every 10ft.🤬  😅 NJ/NORTHEAST.  What a joke of a place. Just trying to add a laugh to a moron existence here. We lost 90% of everything but gained a car seat and a film set. Hahahahaha

But more seriously, Elias pointed at the core of our issues in the Garden State and in any progressive stronghold:

At the end of the day, we are still looked at as the ones who are completely responsible for all the gun crime by the corrupt,  either evil or idiot, politicians and left wing voters. No matter the training, qualifying,  background checks,  statistics,  facts, logic, reason, history. We are still viewed as the problem and threat. Democrat gun free school zones get kids killed nationwide. This allows no one there to stop the evil immediately. Happens over and over in all types of gun free zones. Yet, Democrat (I am including Moderate Republicans in that category) take no blame and continue this failed plan, and their supporters continue to vote for them blindly. When this level of complete ignorance to real actual statistics, facts, logic, history, and reason is achieved,  freedom vanishes.

My message to my fellow patriots in the Land of 1000 Diners is look at where we were a year ago. Our net situation is still a positive. Two leftists from the 3rd Circuit decided to stay the injunction. That does not mean this is game over, not by a long shot. Can we shoot for an en banc to overrule the stay? I’m sure we can and will. Regardless, we have more rights today than we did prior to NYSRPA v. Bruen, and that alone means that Murphy, Platkin, and all the nasty swamp creatures we deal with in Trenton failed. They did not succeed.

Murphy and his ilk might be acting like this is a huge victory, but it’s not. If it were, we’d be back to where we were when I was 21, but instead of the paperwork, a completely useless permit to carry would be in the trunk of the Olds. My permit is very valid and very useful.

We’re still slugging it out in federal court. Judge Bumb has yet to make a final ruling on this case. We need to keep our eyes on the prize and heads in the game. It was the 3rd Circuit that just rendered an opinion saying that certain non-violent felons can have their Second Amendment rights back, something to remember. What we’re dealing with is a temporary setback, and the Murph may be out of office by the time we get to the bottom of this, but his policy will fail in the long run.

In the meantime, it’s going to be difficult, tiptoeing around the landmines of where we can and cannot carry. But focus acutely on where we can – much like me, you too on the day to day, will probably be able to go armed more often than not. Remember that. Exercise that. This is your chance and your ability to spit in Philp Murphy’s eye.

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