HOT TAKES: Progressives Lose Their Minds Over Upcoming ’60 Minutes’ Interview With MTG

Progressives don’t like having to defend their ideas in public. That’s because at the core of their ideas is legislated failure, and in order to sell that legislated failure to the American people, they have to control the flow of ideas. Their philosophies cannot stand up to public scrutiny. One unfortunately effective way to shove their ideas down the throats of the masses without having to answer questions is to completely ostracize the other side of the political spectrum from the public square.

So, it is no surprise that the VERY ONLINE crowd is currently choking on their rage at the announcement that 60 Minutes will be interviewing Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) on their Sunday night show this week. One can practically feel the piping hot flames of indignation emanating from Twitter this weekend. Here are a few of the hottest of hot takes on the #Boycott60Minutes hashtag.

Hot Takes

@Samcdc invokes Godwin’s Law right away. Classy! MTG has never murdered a single person, nor conducted horrific medical experiments on innocent human beings, but FASCISM…or something.

@samcdc #Boycott60Minutes WOW!!! Would 60Minutes have also given an interview with Joseph Goebbels in 1940 had it been on air then? This is no different. MTG is a propagandist for fascism, as he was. This broadcast is disgraceful, anti-American and destructive of our democracy!

Can someone explain to Debbie here that democracy is threatened when there’s only one side in play? Decisions about validity and truth can only be made when there are choices available for comparison. Sorry, Debs. That’s how our republic works. Americans who “deserve better” will decide for themselves what “better” means.

@DebbieforFLWhen mainstream media tries to equate both sides while our democracy is threatened it feeds into the division and normalizes extremism. I’m disappointed to see @60Minutes covering MTG someone who has fueled violence and spreads conspiracy theories. Americans deserve better.

Randa – who you can tell is a Very Good Person™ because she has a Ukrainian flag in her bio – is happy that her father is dead. She’d rather have a dead dad who can’t watch a democratically elected representative on tv than an alive dad who can watch whatever he wants. You’re a Very Good Person™, Randa!

@Randa_Slater I remember my Pop leaving our Sunday family dinners to loyally watch 60 Minutes every week. This is one of the few times I’m glad he’s gone and not subjected to this disgusting choice to give repugnant MTG a once respected platform.

Pay attention to the absolutely depraved thinking of the screecher class. This person believes “democracies unravel” because of tv interviews, as if MTG’s very presence on a show that reaches far fewer people than the average viral TikTok video could change the course of a nation that has been in existence for 250 years.

@RedwoodGirl This 60 Minutes interview with MTG is framed like it’s a goddamn Good Housekeeping spread. This is how democracies unravel, specific people making specific decisions to maximize profits. Everyone at 60 Minutes who has any integrity needs to resign before this shitshow airs.

Bonus points for cramming in NORMALIZING!!!!!!! and BLACK AND BROWN WOMEN AFFECTED THE MOST!!!!!!! into one tweet. If he could have figured out how to squeeze in TRANSGENDER GENOCIDE he would have hit the trifecta. Oh, well. Next time, buddy!

@AbeFroman I can’t believe 60Minutes is normalizing this. Giving MTG oxygen is the last thing a credible outlet should be doing. A Black or brown woman would never be granted the same platform after engaging

This British guy thinks “both sides” is not journalism at all. Which means real journalists only cover one side of any story? Did I get that right? Doesn’t matter if I did or not, we don’t really care what the Brits think, but it’s fun to remind ourselves of why their weak nation depends on us for so much.

@theanthonydavis This was an irresponsible and misjudged decision by @60Minutes to legitimize and insurrectionist. ‘Both sides’ coverage is NOT journalism.

Who is this “we” Ms.Joyful is unjoyfully bitching about? This tweet is a fabulous indictment of the truth the left-wing media has been trying to deny for decades – they are just a publicity arm of the Democrat party at this point. It’s so clear the concept is second nature for fans like the uber-joyful Ms.Joyful. She’s very disappointed!

@bjoyful123 Unbelievable! Lesley Stahl we’re so disappointed in you and 60 Minutes! You hit a new low. Everything that comes out of MTG’s mouth is a lie! Why interview here? We’re trying to get her off the stage of American politics…sheesh Leslie…so disappointed in you!


These people are not unhinged at all. Perfectly NORMAL. And DISAPPOINTED.

@conscienceIsit 60 Minutes “normalizing” a whack job by interviewing MTG is a disgrace. Shame on you guys. This isn’t about equal time for both sides. It just doesn’t compute. What a disappointment!

Weak Minds Fear Free Speech

The delicate minds of the progressive left seem to forget that Lesley Stahl is a seasoned interviewer and journalist. She’s also a raging leftist. If they think she’s going to give MTG the “Good Housekeeping” treatment, they probably don’t even watch 60 Minutes. Stahl is a liberal, and she will interview MTG as a liberal.

If MTG is truly the second coming of Joseph Goebbels, the answer to her “fascism” would be to let her be heard as much as possible. You can’t respond to a bad idea you’re not allowed to hear in the first place. They should be grateful America is going hear her terrible ideas, so our betters on the left can counter those terrible ideas and lead us all to intellectual purity.

Of course they are not grateful. In the end, all of this caterwauling says more about the progressive mindset than the “danger” MTG represents. She is an elected representative. She did not just get appointed to Congress. Her constituents voted for her, and if they don’t like her representation, they’ll vote her out.

But progressives hate the democratic process they are always claiming they are trying to save. They hate they can’t control the minds and hearts of every American. Their version of “unity” is to completely erase one side of the conversation, and when our society does not support that notion, they become like toddlers, stamping their feet and holding their breath until their faces, like their votes, turn blue.

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