Biden Rejects More Trump Debates: ‘No More Games’

President Joe Biden on Friday rejected participation in more debates, which former President Donald Trump said Biden agreed to attend.

NBC News and Telemundo would have hosted the first presidential event, NBC News confirmed, while Fox News at Virginia State University would have hosted a vice presidential debate at a historically black college.

Trump announced the now-defunct agreement Friday. “I have accepted a fourth Presidential Debate against Crooked Joe Biden, this time with NBC & Telemundo,” Trump said:

Biden quickly rejected the debates.

“The debate about debates is over,” a Biden campaign official told NBC News. “No more games.”

Biden preferred CNN to host at least one presidential debate, he said Wednesday. The Biden campaign said the president would debate Trump only in June and September, without live audiences present. CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will co-host the first event.

Trump accepted Biden’s invitation and urged the president to debate him earlier and more often.

“I’m ready to go…The dates that they proposed are fine…Let’s see if Joe can make it to the stand-up podium,” Trump reportedly told Fox News Digital. “The proposed June and early September dates are fully acceptable to me. I will provide my own transportation.”

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