Jordan: Media, Left Should Care about Twitter Files, FBI Conduct, These Abuses Can and Have Been Wielded Against Them

During an interview recorded on Thursday and released on Friday’s edition of CBS’ “The Takeout” podcast, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated that the behavior revealed in the Twitter files is an issue that members of the media “should really care about” because it has directly impacted the freedom of the press and pointed out that weaponization of federal law enforcement has been wielded against the left in the past.

Host and CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett asked about the Disinformation Governance Board and said that he’s not in favor of the federal government determining what is and is not the truth.

Jordan responded, “Adam Schiff was contacting Twitter to say, take down the post of a journalist. That’s something you guys should really care about.”

Garrett then asked, “What is the scope, just the two years of the Biden administration? Has the government never been weaponized against the American citizens before that?”

Jordan responded, “Well, it sure has.” After citing the Lois Lerner situation with the IRS as an example, Jordan added, “So, it’s a — I think — a relatively recent concern. Although, if you go clear back to the ’70s and the Church Commission, they were very concerned about things the FBI was doing back then. Back then, it was actually more targeted to left-leaning groups I think in many ways. And — but it was just as bad.”

Jordan also talked about Democrats attacking the committee before it has been formed and said, “Why wouldn’t you guys work with us? You used to care about the First Amendment.”

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