San Francisco Announces Free Income — but Only for People Who Pick One of 97 New Genders

If you live in San Francisco and could do with a beefier bankroll, you might want to dive deeply into your identity. If you’re something other than “cisgender,” a wad of cash could be yours.

On Wednesday, the city’s leading Democrat introduced a profitable new program.


Mayor London N. Breed today announced the launch of a new guaranteed income program for San Francisco’s trans community. The Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) Program will provide low-income transgender San Franciscans with $1,200 each month, up to 18 months to help address financial insecurity within trans communities.

GIFT is part of San Fran’s effort to “promote economic stability and recovery.” But run, don’t walk; space is limited:

The GIFT Program will provide 55 eligible trans individuals with temporary income and a range of wrap-around direct services such as gender-affirming medical and mental health care, case management and specialty care services, as well as financial coaching.

To hear London tell it, the freebie foray only for select citizens is all about justice. Those who claim a gender incongruent with their sex are disproportionately done wrong:

“We know that our trans communities experience much higher rates of poverty and discrimination, so this program will target support to lift individuals in this community up.”

The government seconds that motion:

Transgender communities, experience poverty and economic instability at disproportionate rates. In 2015, when the U.S. Trans Survey was last conducted, 33% of trans Californians were living in poverty, compared to 12% of people in the general population. The percentage among trans people who are also Black, Indigenous and People of Color is even higher.

Pau Crego, Executive Director of the San Francisco Office of Transgender Initiatives, said foul fates especially find “trans people of color, disabled trans people, trans elders, and other trans communities deeply impacted by discrimination and barriers to education, employment, and economic mobility.”

“In other parts of the country,” Pau laments, “institutions and legislators” target trans people.

And JM Jaffe, executive director of program partner Lyon-Martin Community Health Services, believes alternately-identifying lives are on the line:

While healthcare often focuses on the downstream effects of marginalization, we know that changing the material realities of trans communities can significantly impact their health for the better — indeed, for trans people, it is a life-or-death situation.

With the country seeing a massive leftward shift over the past several years, guaranteed income has frequently made its way into the news. Andrew Yang, as you may recall, ran on a platform of UBI (Universal Basic Income) in 2020. And cities have recently explored the virtues of, as Dire Straits sang, “money for nothing”:

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As for those who view themselves as different than their sex, despite an often grim depiction, some are apparently doing well:

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Back to San Francisco, those hoping for a GIFT must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Identify as transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, or intersex
  • Not be receiving more than $600/monthly in income
  • Reside in the City and County of San Francisco
  • Be willing and able to complete a survey every 3 months, and submit a complete application

Applicants may want to carve out extra time to pick their laser-accurate gender. As tallied by Libs of TikTok, the paperwork provides 97 choices.

A few:

  • Transgender Woman
  • Transgender Man
  • Feminine-of-Center
  • Masculine-of-Center
  • Demigirl
  • Demiboy
  • Sistergirl
  • Brotherboy
  • T-girl
  • T-boy
  • Agender
  • Butch
  • Boi
  • Stud
  • Aggressive
  • Gender Creative
  • Neutrois
  • Graygender
  • Intergender
  • Gender Outlaw
  • Muxe
  • Fa’afafine
  • Chibados
  • Tida Wena
  • Chuckchi
  • Travesti
  • Genderf**k

And, perhaps most perplexing, “Not Listed.”

If “Not Listed” is on offer, it seems there was no need for the other 96. Then again, these days, being “seen” is key. And for those who can be seen and paid, more power to them. But San Franciscans identifying chromosomally will have to sit this one out; the money is meant only for the marginalized.


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