BREAKING: Elon Musk Reinstates Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

Is anyone having as much fun as Elon Musk is having with Twitter? First, he sent the wokest elements of his staff packing (but, whew, kept Ligma and Johnson around). Then, he sent journalists into a tailspin after suggesting Twitter might shut down for a while. And, now, he’s confirmed he’ll let everyone’s favorite tweeter back on the platform:

The people have spoken.

Trump will be reinstated.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

Here’s his tweet in all its glory:

This comes after Musk took a Twitter poll yesterday asking users if he should reinstate Trump’s account. Final results: 15,085,458 votes cast; 51.8% in favor; 48.2% against.

Musk was quick to take action, with the former president’s account being activated within minutes of Musk’s announcement.

Trump has yet to confirm if he’ll start using his account again. He started his own social media platform, Truth Social, and said recently he won’t return to Twitter:

Amid the finalization of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, former president Trump, who was permanently banned from the platform in January 2021, said he will be staying on Truth Social, the social media company he created, even if his old account gets reinstated.

But the allure of Twitter and its vast audience will likely be too much for Trump to resist. Now that he’s a presidential candidate again, and with journalists unlikely to make other platforms like Mastadon their permanent homes, we can expect to see Trump tweeting again at some point.

In the meantime — covfefe!

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