Federal Army: Pelosi Opening Capitol Police Offices in Florida and California

The most secretive federal law enforcement agency in the United States has now opened field offices in San Francisco and Tampa Bay. That agency is the US Capitol Police, which is largely under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s control. You may have thought that the Capitol Police were supposed to be protecting the US Capitol, but that doesn’t appear to be its main mission any longer. By expanding the secretive agency to field offices in states outside of DC, this amounts to a federal army that is engaged in intelligence operations against the Democrat Party’s enemies. Most people don’t even know the Capitol Police are now operating outside of DC, and the mainstream media is dutifully not talking about this.

This was first reported in July of 2021, a few weeks before the field offices were set to open. Since then, there have been no substantive reports on what the Capitol Police are actually doing in California or Florida. Naturally, the mostly peaceful January 6 election justice protests were cited as the reason for this expansion of federal cops into other states. There are so many “threats” against Members of Congress that they have to expand the US Capitol Police to other states. But if that were true, why not use the FBI or DHS to investigate these supposed threats?

In case people need reminding, the Capitol Police murdered two January 6 peaceful protesters, and no officer ever faced consequences for it. One cop with a history of recklessness with firearms shot an unarmed housewife named Ashley Babbitt in the neck and murdered her. Capitol Police didn’t even conduct an investigation of what happened. They let him off the hook and many Members of Congress celebrated the guy as a hero for shooting an unarmed lady who posed no threat to anyone.

Roseanne Boyland appears to have been beaten to death by police outside the US Capitol. That’s certainly what all the videos show. Two cops beat her unconscious. Then a black female officer with the US Capitol Police was seen clubbing Roseanne Boyland in the head for several minutes while she was unconscious on the ground. The DC Medical Examiner claimed that Boyland died of a prescription drug overdose. None of the cops who beat her to death faced an investigation or any consequences.

The reasons cited for this expansion of federal power are head-spinningly stupid. One reason was the death of Congressman Leo Ryan, a Democrat from California. For those who don’t remember, Ryan was killed in Guyana by cult followers of Jim Jones. Uh… with all these “threats” that Congress is facing, do you guys have any examples that are more recent than an incident that happened on foreign soil in 1978? Just curious.

The US Capitol Police is a notorious agency when it comes to lack of transparency and oversight. Whenever a media outlet asks about the internal workings of the Capitol Police, they get stonewalled. Even an internal watchdog that is supposedly keeping an eye on the Capitol Police never releases its reports to the public. And they don’t tell Congress what they’re doing.

Did you know that the US Capitol Police now trains alongside the National Guard? That’s new since January 6th, according to the Los Angeles Times. Which makes them sound sort of like a military unit, instead of an investigative law enforcement agency, doesn’t it?

What is going on here? Why are Republicans in Congress not saying anything about this? Why isn’t Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida saying anything about this? This secretive federal agency is in his state now! The US Capitol Police have also expanded to “other regional locations,” but no one in Congress seems to know where they are. And no one knows what they’re doing. This is like the Stasi in East Germany or the KGB in the Soviet Union, and no one is talking about it. The way that the Biden regime has been treating its political enemies should have everyone worried. And this expansion of Nancy Pelosi’s secret police force is not helping.

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