HOT TAKES: Tim Ryan Gets Mocked Into Next Week for Desperate Gun Video

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) is in a tough race against J.D. Vance for the Senate seat held by the retiring Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH).

RealClearPolitics has Vance up by five points in their average. Their projections have the GOP holding the seat and the adjusted number has Vance up by 9.9 points.

Understandably, Ryan is desperate to catch up to Vance somehow. But he hasn’t helped himself. He got demolished in a debate with Vance on a variety of issues. Then he also did a town hall where he told a blatant lie about a police officer being killed during the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 and got called out for it by the audience. He then mocked the audience without understanding or caring that he was the one who was just wrong on the facts. He didn’t care what the voters had to say there, emblematic of his campaign, and that’s why he’s doing so badly.

Instead of listening to the voters — even at this late date — he’s playing “I’m just like you” games with his latest ad. But it’s such an epic fail and so unintentionally funny that he doesn’t get it.

Ryan has no concept of what he looked like, just like he had no idea what he looked like spouting false information about Jan. 6 and then insisting he was right to people who knew more than him. He looked exactly like what he is — a man who is desperate to win and who looks like he likely never fired a gun before, who was leaning back from the recoil looking like a scared rabbit. But apparently, none of the people who helped him with this video told him what it looked like.

Now, this is more than a little dishonest when he wants people in Ohio to believe that he supports gun rights when he’s been right with Joe Biden on gun control. But that shows you he knows that his true stance would be rejected by the people of Ohio and he feels he has to try to trick them like this. Pro-tip, Tim? No one is falling for it.

Ryan rightfully got mocked into next week by anyone who knew anything about guns for this travesty.

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