Shocking…Unvaccinated Employees in NYC are Court-Ordered to Be Reinstated

New York went crazy during the COVID pandemic. They bought into all of the lies spewed by President Biden and Dr. Fauci. Vaccinate…or else.

As a result of their harsh restrictions, many people lost their jobs because they refused to receive a jab for a vaccination that they didn’t believe in. With the pharmaceutical companies pushing the vaccines without providing sufficient testing results, it’s no wonder why so many people refused to roll up their sleeves.

Employees in NYC were straight-up fired if they refused to vaccinate against COVID. It’s one of the reasons why the economy has taken so long to recover, too.
The New York Supreme Court has finally ruled that the city cannot fire employees for failing to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

This ruling is a huge blow to the pandemic policy put into place by Mayor Adams.

The state court went one further by saying that the city has to reinstate all of the employees who were fired AND provide them with back pay.

And the reason for all of this? The truth that the Democrats really hate to admit – being vaccinated against COVID doesn’t stop anyone from catching or spreading the virus. This means that being vaccinated doesn’t offer enough benefit to the community to warrant such a mandate.

It also came out that the city’s health commissioner “acted beyond his authority” by issuing an indefinite vaccine mandate. Instead, a temporary mandate should have been authorized.

Earlier this year, Adams made the announcement that the city would NOT bring back workers who had been fired – and a total of about 1400 employees had been released from their positions, including police officers and firefighters.

Adams came under a significant amount of fire because he refused to grant exceptions to first responders even though he granted ones for celebrities who were competing or putting on performances within the city.

Now, Adams has to eat his words because the decision is made.

The court ruled that “states of emergency are meant to be temporary.”

New York City didn’t follow the science. Instead, they went into a panic and let the fear of COVID make the decisions for them. They didn’t even bother to follow laws, which is also why so many people were furious with the liberal government. They wanted their freedom, and they didn’t want the government telling them whether they had to vaccinate or not.

The Supreme Court pointed out that “being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19… the Petitioners should not have been terminated for choosing not to protect themselves.”

It’s no wonder why so many New Yorkers decided to flee the state and travel to states like Florida, where they had a significant amount of freedom.

Now, if Adams thinks that his budget is short, he better buckle up with the need to backpay over 1400 employees. There’s no way out of this one – and hopefully, he has learned his lesson.

With so many NYC employees being reinstated, it may be possible to get the city back to where it needs to be – the tourist capital that it has always been. And with more first responders back on the street, we may actually see the crime rates drop, too. At least we can hope.

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