Barack Obama Gets the Detroit Style Heckling Treatment Campaigning for Democrats

Something big for the GOP might be happening in Michigan after former President Barack Obama was here on Saturday campaigning for his fellow Democrats and he was heckled.

With Gretchen Whitmer.

In Detroit.

Obama was speaking front and center to a bunch of people who will vote for anyone with a (D) after their name even if they only know the state they live in is one of confusion (those confused about whom I speak might want to read up on Joe Biden and John Fetterman).

Now, I’m starting to look around and wonder if the 2022 election cycle might turn Michigan purple instead of staying blue because the little things are adding up. I covered some of what I’m seeing the other day right here. New Ad Eviscerates Gretchen Whitmer Claim of Michigan Schools Only Being Closed for Three Months. From that article…

@trafalgar_group#MIGov #Poll (10/18-21) shows incumbent #Whitmer and #Dixon in a statistical tie #mipol




0.4% Other

1.8% Und

and this blistering ad

Now with Whitmer in an unexpectedly tight race which has narrowed from 6 weeks ago when she was up by double digits. the tables have seemingly turned.

Generally, Democrats that find themselves in a jam want to turn to someone to help boost their campaign’s morale and possibly put some money in the bank. The person that they turn to it’s not the current president of the United States, who is having trouble figuring out where he needs to stand onstage or if he’s even wearing pants. The person that they are turning to is the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

He usually does not get heckled as he did in Detroit on Saturday.

Not by Republicans mind you but by his own caucus who think he is not liberal or progressive enough.

What weird times we live in.

Here is your evidence…

My friends @AnastasiaMares1 & @sbattle11 Called out the bloodthirsty @BarackObama today in Michigan for his role in instigating the Ukraine [email protected] you want to know how the US started the conflict in Ukraine? Pay attention.

Obama is bloodthirsty? What kind of Alex Jones ranting about the water is turning the frogs gay rhetoric is this? One does not speak to the former messiah of the Democratic party like this. Unless of course, you were a pre-teen when Obama left office and your memory of him is his waving goodbye to the Orange guy who took over for him and became the focus of all your angst.

The youngsters today have no concept of simple things like history unless a professor in their Basket Weaving for Wokeness 101 class tells them about it.

However, I will give these kids credit where credit is due. I’m somewhat amazed that they knew that Ukraine existed before 2022 going all the way back to 2014. Also that they’re willing to show up to an Obama is still the apple of our eye Democratic party event and calling him out for allowing Putin just carve off Crimea in 2014 gives me just a tad bit more hope for the future than I had 5 minutes ago.


I would really be hoping for too much if I were to think that these kids would draw a straight line between Obama’s foreign policy blunders and his former Vice President and now current President, adopting a lot of the same disastrous foreign policy stances.

That would REALLY be hoping for a bit too much I know.

Yet that these youngsters would show up at a get-out-the-vote rally for the immensely ineffective Gretchen Whitmer and pick on the star speaker, is making me stop and think. Could Michigan for the first time since the 1990s actually vote for somebody who has a conservative bent to the governor’s office?

My head is spinning with the possibilities.

The Dixon team with eight days to go has the wind at their back and has closed a near-impossible gap in the polls. The Whitmer team on the other hand is spending that campaign war chest money faster than she signed executive orders closing down businesses and throwing the old folks into nursing homes to suffer and die without families, to stay ahead in said polls.

My head is truly spinning and I’m hopeful that Michigan will make the right decision on Tuesday, November 8th.

As a side note: Whoever took the video from the Obama getting heckled event in Detroit on Saturday and wrongly added audio and turned it into this below, how dare you? People would never show up at a rally and chant FJB Lets Go Brandon.

Would they?

Maybe something big is not just happening in Michigan but all over the country even though the below video is NOT real.

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