Man Who Says Women Don’t Exist Wins ‘Woman of the Year’

What is a woman?” is an increasingly popular query, and a man in Brazil has answered it.

Evidently, it was a trick question.

Linn da Quebrada is a biologically male and trans-identifying social media influencer. At the same time — as he recently explained to Globo Television Network journalist Pedro Bial — he’s not in any way a girl:

“I’m not a woman. I’m a transvestite.”

That would be, of course, a man dressing as a woman.

More on the idea:

“Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a woman.”

Can he dress as something that isn’t actual? Halloween says yes. Therefore, though there aren’t in reality women, it may be said he suits up as one.

The 32-year-old is presently being spotlighted by Glamour Magazine Brazil. The outlet announced its Generation Glamour award recipients this week, and Linn’s long and winding road has landed him in the winners circle.

He gained national attention this year as the first trans-ish contestant on Big Brother Brazil. The mystifying man’s also a musician; enjoy the 2019 video for his song “Prayer”:

For something friskier (and unsuitable for display on this page), see Linn’s 2020 collaboration with singer Davi Sabbag here.

As reported by Reduxx, “Following his (Big Brother) appearance, Quebrada began to appear in Brazilian tabloids as a pseudo-celebrity, often pulling stunts for media attention.”

Earlier this year, Quebrada did a Mother’s Day photoshoot in which he wore a fake pregnant belly. The social media influencer claimed he wanted to be a “mother” one day, and dreamed of getting pregnant.

He also periodically prefers womanly words:

Quebrada sometimes refers to himself as an effeminate gay man, while at other times he uses feminine pronouns. Most commonly, Quebrada labels himself a “transvestite,” a word used in Brazil to identify men who present themselves in feminine ways but do not identify as transgender.

Back to Linn’s claim that women don’t “exist”

As a justification for his position, Quebrada continued by listing words that do not have finite meaning in the Portuguese language, and had to be “invented” to describe concepts so subjective that they could not be defined.

Despite not being a woman, the man snagged Glamour’s most coveted prize. Out of 15 categories, two trophies went to biological males.

Linn’s win: “Woman of the Year.”

Watch the man who isn’t a woman be crowned best woman:

Kudos to Linn, as that was a mighty feat. Surely few people in history have won an award for being something they not only insisted they weren’t, but declared no one at all could be.


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