Activist Demands Whites Buy ‘Black Panther’ Tickets for Black People and Possibly Die for Them

Are you planning to see the Black Panther sequel? If you’re white, at least one activist hopes you’ll sit out opening weekend. In fact, she insists that you do — otherwise, you’re a racist.

A viral TikTok video by social media influencer Lavynder Lee has implored People of the Pale: When Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opens November 11th, keep your Caucasian cabooses out of the theater seats.

According to the now-deleted directive, it would be “anti-black” for any “white people” to attend during the initial weekend. The film — at least in the beginning — is for black people only.

As passed along by Twitter account End Wokeness, here’s how Lavynder issues her edict:

“This message is to all our would-be accomplices and ‘white allies.’ This message is to all the white people who have ‘BLM’ in their bio. If you really want to prove to black people that you love us and you care about us and you are down for the cause, do not go see that movie opening weekend.”

Not only is it your responsibility to forgo feasting on the film, but you should cough up cash for black attendees’ tickets:

“You buy your ticket, you give it to a black person or a black family who can’t afford to go.”

And that’s the least of your sacrifice. Evidently, Lavynder believes there’s a good chance racists will storm the theater. If they advance upon the room, guns blazing, it’s allied white people’s obligation to absorb the bullets:

“And then you go sit at that theater in front of the doors. You make sure that every black person in that theater can enjoy that movie in peace. You make sure that you use your body to block us from anybody who would be coming in that theater to do us harm.”

“That is your job,” she makes clear.

For any who survive opening weekend and have enough money to buy more tickets, at the end of a seven-day period, Lavynder permits you to check out the movie:

“You can go see it on another weekend. Go see it on the second or third weekend.”

But for starters, she’s allowing no whites:

“[T]he first weekend? That’s for us.”

It’s not so surprising an order. For the past few years, institutions have taught us colorblindness is wrong, white people are oppressors, and the the 1940s were right after all:

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Back to Lavynder, for any of you who aren’t racist, your mission is clear:

“To do anything other than this is anti-black.”

And for those wanting to buy tickets for black families, she’s started a GoFundMe page. From the description:

I am activist based in Houston,TX. I recently made a viral video on TikTok urging white allies and accomplices to leave opening weekend of Wakanda Forever for Black People and Indigenous people. I also suggested donating funds so that people who couldn’t go to the movie can go. Well this is that fund!

How it will work:

  • Donate to the fund.
  • Share the fund for others to donate.
  • I will personally use the funds to buy tickets for Black families to go see the movie in the theatre of their choosing.

“This is meant to help people understand the significance of Black celebrations and how they are personal and private and should be respected,” she adds. “Being an ally does not mean you will be included. It means you respect us and you help us congregate safely.”

Black people in need of a tickets can contact her via the comments section of the page. The amount raised so far: “$593 of $10,000.”

Perhaps the boldest part of Lavynder’s position is her seeming certainty that the movie will be amazing. Hopefully, she’s correct; but a bad sequel? Surely it’s happened at least once before…


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