Kari Lake Drops the Hammer on Liz Cheney After Pathetic Attack

Despite proclamations from the media that Liz Cheney’s platform would be larger than ever after she got blasted in Wyoming’s Republican primary, that hasn’t really materialized. Instead, Cheney has been completely marginalized to ranting at obscure conferences and posting fan fiction on the January 6th Twitter account.

Who could have possibly seen that coming? But I digress, Cheney was speaking to The Texas Tribune for reasons unknown on Saturday and decided to completely beclown herself. She went after Kari Lake, again ranting about “election deniers.” She then went on to attack Gov. Glenn Youngkin as well, proclaiming that he crossed a line in campaigning with Lake.

Cheney appears to still be living in a fantasyland where she’s influential and has a say in what “our party” does or doesn’t do. I have news for her, though. She is not a Republican any longer. You don’t get to join arms with Nancy Pelosi, Jamie Raskin, and Adam Schiff and still claim to have the best interests of the GOP in mind. Cheney is a Democrat who wants to run a scam presidential campaign in 2024. That’s the only reason she hasn’t made it official yet.

Attacking Youngkin fully exposes that. He’s a mainstream Republican in just about every phase. It is part of his job to support his fellow Republicans in gubernatorial races. It’s to his credit that he’s mature enough to brush aside whatever disagreements may exist to help Lake in her pursuit of victory. Cheney, on the other hand, is a pathetic, petty person who would rather see Americans suffer (as they are doing now under Democrat rule) than let go of her vendetta.

For her part, Kari Lake saw Cheney’s comments and dropped the hammer in response.

Here’s the thing. Let’s give Cheney the benefit of the doubt that she’s truly principled in her fight against “election denial.” Do I believe that? No, but let’s pretend.

If that’s true, why in the world would she work to get Democrats elected when they denied the elections of Donald Trump and George W. Bush? Heck, two of Cheney’s colleagues on the January 6th committee actually objected to certification, something I’m now assured is traitorous. And you know who has never said a word about it? That would be Liz Cheney.

She’s a hypocrite, pushing an obsession instead of putting the country first. That she believes she has any ability to affect the mid-terms is downright delusional. Cheney is going to learn, one way or another, that media plaudits don’t add up to much.

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