Iran’s Violent Government Crackdown Is a Good Reminder of Why We Have the 2nd Amendment

Social media is ablaze with images and videos of, and outrage over, the government crackdown on the protests that have broken out in recent days in Iran.

Iranian authorities have promised to restrict internet access to prevent protestors from communicating and organizing, and to prevent images of their violent response to protestors from getting out. But, the images and videos we have seen are pretty brutal already, though they are sadly expected from the Iranian regime.

Please be warned, below are images of violence and some are disturbing. But they are necessary to explain just how evil the government in Iran is.

A woman thrown headfirst, violently, into a curb. A protestor shot to death. Gunfire, threats, and violence against a generation that has had enough of brutal oppression. They are fighting against an evil theocracy that threatens to lock away (at best) those that oppose it.

This is a generational revolution. After decades of brutal repression, they have decided to stand up. But, unfortunately, they are ill-equipped to handle the government’s response one on one. It takes an absolute tidal wave of support, from protestors on the streets to international support from every corner of the free world, to help these civilians.

And we should want them to be successful. Despite the Biden administration’s insistence on working with the Iranian regime (and the rest of the western world once again following suit), we as a country must encourage opposition to the current regime. There are some politicians who wish to see a better future for Iran, but there must be more.

But this protest abroad is a good reminder of why the system we have at home is so vital, and is a model for others who seek to live free of tyranny. These protestors are armed with rocks, sticks, and fists. Hence, the government’s willingness to take so easily to the streets and fire back – literally.

It is one of the most assailed rights we have, but one of the most important we have. The importance of the First Amendment – particularly the right to free speech and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances – solidifies the need for the Second Amendment. It gives us the means to ensure that right when the government can easily overstep its bounds and try to censor and oppress you.

It’s not about rebellion or revolution. It’s about ensuring your freedom. That’s all it’s ever been about.

It should horrify us that the same leaders of our government who want a working relationship with the Iranian regime are the same leaders who want to restrict or eliminate the freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment – not that I think the Biden administration wishes to do the same thing, but I do think that they see any challenge to the absolute supremacy of government problematic.

But we have these certain, unalienable rights so that our government cannot do what Iran’s is doing. We should always push for checks to the government’s power, not cede it away. I hope that, should the protestors bring about a bright, new future in Iran, they can build a nation with the same freedoms.

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