Whoops: Chuck Schumer Accidentally Blows Up the Narrative About Dems’ Midterm Chances

Democrats have been trying to push a new narrative about the midterms over the past couple of weeks. That narrative claims that the polls are moving toward them winning the House. That narrative also claims that Joe Biden is “Dark Brandon” and his “successes” are helping bring the polls back for the Democrats. But that’s not supported by the reality of the polls, as we’ve pointed out. Even the NY Times said that the Democrats are overestimating where they are.

But in what has to be a truly hilarious moment, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer accidentally revealed the truth and that he doesn’t believe the very Democratic narrative they’re pushing.

He was at an Italian restaurant in Washington, D.C. — Trattoria Alberto — with six other Democratic senators including Chris Coons of Delaware, Mark Kelly of Arizona, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Tom Carper of Delaware, John Hickenlooper of Colorado, and Dick Durbin of Illinois. Now you would think they would have enough sense to know that such a group might get a lot of attention and that they should be careful in what they say. But apparently, not so much. What they were saying was loud and it was overheard by other people in the restaurant.

Schumer declared that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “in trouble” and Democrats were likely going to lose the House — that they only had a 40 percent chance of holding onto it.

Schumer also made some other comments that aren’t going to go over well with his colleagues.

-> The Senate majority leader said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “sucks up” to former President Donald Trump.
-> Schumer also said he believed Trump would run for election in 2024.
-> Schumer said Democrats won’t be able to win the Senate race in Iowa. Democrat Mike Franken, a former Navy vice admiral, is running against longtime GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley.
-> With Kelly at the table, Schumer said the Arizona Senate race would tighten if tech billionaire Peter Thiel started spending money to boost Republican Blake Masters.
-> On the legislative front, Schumer said Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) claim that taxing the rich is akin to “inflation” for wealthy Americans is “ridiculous.”
-> Schumer criticized former New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo over redistricting, blaming Cuomo for Democrats failure to pick up House seats during redistricting.

Schumer also played down their possibilities of winning the Senate, saying they only had a 60 percent chance of holding onto it. That’s likely an overestimate, although the race is likely to be tighter in the Senate than in the House. But as we noted, it keeps looking better and better for the Republicans, with the momentum seeming to be in their favor.

Now one has to think that Schumer is seeing some internal polling that isn’t looking good for the Democrats. But frankly, internal or external it’s not looking good for them. But it’s especially telling when even Schumer can’t buy into the lie when he’s having honest conversations with other Democrats.

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