Democrat in Florida Race Compares Ron DeSantis to a THUG Who Forces Women To Have Children

Karla Hernandez-Mats is a Democrat seeking to be the next lieutenant governor in Florida. She thinks that by maliciously attacking Governor Ron DeSantis and Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez, she will somehow gain favor with voters.

The Democrats seem to learn lessons the hard way. They quickly learned that attacking DeSantis and his family is not popular when trying to win voters. They tried to attack his family when his wife was battling cancer, and those involved fell out of favor with the public.

But that did not stop Hernandez-Mats from comparing DeSantis and Nunez to a novel where the leaders rape and force women to have children. After all, how dare the governor choose life over death for an innocent baby.

She fails to realize that every woman has a choice, including engaging in sex. And the part she does not like is that when a baby is made, she loses the ability to murder the child.

The characters in the book “The Handmaid’s Tale” are not allowed to read, write, or own property, and all media is closely monitored. Business Insider quoted Hernandez-Mats as saying, “We can’t allow Commander DeSantis and Aunt Jeanette to continue down the path of turning Florida into a mini Gilead.” It clearly illustrates what life would be like under Democratic rule.

The liberal politician believes that the country under Republican leadership will move the nation into a fictitious realm, where people are forced to do things they do not want to do.

The very thing that she fears the most is a hallmark trait of her political party. Joe Biden seeks to transform the country into a place where people are forced to do things that violate fundamental human rights.

Hernandez-Mats stated, “All these things, unfortunately, sound like they’re fictitious and fantastical and that it would never happen — because that’s what I thought when I read that book — and here we are in 2022. We’re seeing a government that acts like a dictator, that is authoritarian, and that is taking away and depriving our freedom, which is exactly what happened in Gilead.”

The insane woman thinks life is just like a fictitious novel, which makes for an exciting read.

Her fear is set in a made-up world where people do not care what they do to others. And the fact that Joe Biden is acting like the book characters proves the Democrats get their schedule from fiction.

Hernandez-Mats was once a special education teacher. She helped kids that needed care because of physical or emotional needs. Her demented idea of what it takes to deal with people stems from her past employment. And her comments about political leaders in Florida betray the very ones she used to help.

She compared DeSantis and others to those that are viewed as troubled children. She believes that her past allows her to try and work with people like those who she used to help. But by using them in an analogy to try and slam her opponents, she has made fun of those who need help from people who care and love them. Something she is no longer capable of giving out.

Ron DeSantis is far from the villain the Democrats make him out to be. He has singlehandedly kept Florida from being subjected to the horrors of liberal ideology. He protected Americans’ rights by keeping the state open and free of pandemic lockdowns. And these are the things that scare Hernandez-Mats the most because she cannot fathom what absolute freedom looks like.

The Florida governor has also put his support behind the children and worked hard to protect them from the whims of liberal school boards. Schools were kept open so kids could learn in the classroom where they belonged. DeSantis is far from the character that his liberal opposition makes him out to be.

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