Sick: Biden Cuts Pay & Benefits for 60,000 – Plus Unvaxxed Guard and Reserve Soldiers

At a time when the U.S. military is facing an unprecedented recruitment crisis, Joe Biden is cutting the pay and benefits of some 62,000 National Guard and Reserve soldiers. Their crime? They refused to take the dangerous, experimental, and ineffective COVID shots. This is happening right in the middle of the Guard’s busiest training season. They’re supposed to serve between two weeks and a month to hone their skills and remain ready for deployment. But they’re not banned from training and being treated as dirty second-class citizens by the criminal Biden regime.

It’s now beyond dispute that the COVID shots don’t protect against COVID. And there is a growing mountain of evidence that the experimental mRNA technology that we’re calling “vaccines” here is actually very dangerous. The military’s own data has confirmed this.

June 30 was the deadline for Guard and Reserve soldiers to comply with Joe Biden’s illegal and unconstitutional shot mandate. 40,000 National Guard troops and around 22,000 Reserve soldiers have refused the shots, so Joe Biden is no longer paying them. He’s also cutting their military benefits. They’re forbidden from participating in training exercises. The only thing they’re really allowed to do is show up to the office to start their separation paperwork.

To make matters even worse, the Biden regime is not allowing any religious exemptions for military members and has respected only 22 medical exemptions out of all the many thousands requesting these. Not a single member of the National Guard or the Reserves has been granted a religious exemption. Soldiers who still have a pending medical or religious exemption request can train and receive pay and benefits, but it’s unlikely that Joe Biden will allow any of those remaining exemptions.

The Biden Department of Defense continues to insist that side effects from the shots are rare. They claim that only 22 soldiers have experienced heart inflammation as a negative side effect. We know this is a flat-out lie after an attorney representing a group of Navy SEALs to fight Biden’s illegal mandates released the U.S. Army’s DMED database to the press a few months ago. This is the army’s epidemiology database, which is considered the premier source of vaccine data in the world.

According to the military’s own numbers, 20,000 soldiers (12,000 women and 8,000 men) were sexually sterilized between last August and January, right after Biden’s mandates started being enforced. The five-year average for the military is only 2,000 servicemembers being sexually sterilized by the military’s regular 12 vaccines (not the COVID shot). The military experienced a 10X sterilization rate AFTER they started enforcing Biden’s mandates.

Tens of thousands of military members developed neurological disorders after receiving the shot. Some of these disorders were temporary, but many were career-ending disorders that soldiers developed, such as epileptic seizures.

The shots flat-out don’t work, and we know this as well. In every developed nation that keeps track of its vital statistics related to vaccines, vaccinated people are far more likely than the unvaccinated to catch COVID, be hospitalized from a COVID infection, and die from COVID. Data from Israel, the UK, Spain, Canada, Australia, and other countries have confirmed this. When the next VAERS report from the CDC comes out sometime in July, the data for America will prove this as well.

The shots are not safe, and they’re not effective. Not to mention the fact that military members are not in the age demographic (75 and up) that is most likely to have a rough time with a COVID infection.

Biden’s mandates are perverse. We’re going to lose 13% of the National Guard and 12% of the Reserves because of his stubborn refusal to do the right thing. Does everyone feel safer with Joe Biden in charge of the military? You shouldn’t.

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