The Fate of LA’s District Attorney Doesn’t Look So Good

Los Angeles is one of the more far-left cities in the country. Crime is often dismissed, which means that the criminals get to run rampant on the streets. It’s hard to reduce crime when the criminals are given free passes to do whatever they want, again and again.

The LAPD is sick and tired of doing their job – only for the LA County District Attorney to take a liberal approach and release the criminals with nothing more than a warning.

George Gascon is the LA County District Attorney. And he’s not popular with anyone.

California has made it a trend to use a recount as a way to get rid of anyone they don’t want. The recount went out on Governor Gavin Newsom last year, but he ended up getting to keep his job.

A new recount petition is in place for Gascon. The campaign has resulted in 717,000 signatures being turned into the registrar, which is 26% more signatures than needed. They’re being smart in case any of the signatures are rejected.

With this kind of support behind the petition, it’s further proof that Gascon is not a fan favorite in Los Angeles.

Gascon’s lenient policies have resulted in a lot of repeat criminals on the streets, only for them to continue their criminal ways. The campaign achieved a last-minute push on signatures when there were two police officers ambushed. And the man responsible? Well, he would have been in prison, but Gascon’s liberal policies struck again.

The only way for criminals to learn is to have to pay for the crimes they commit. If they are immediately back on the streets, there’s no deterrent. They grow bolder because they don’t believe that the laws will actually be used to punish them. And with Gascon in office, that will continue to happen.

The last thing that LA needs is for its criminals to grow bolder than they’ve already been over the past few years.

Breitbart News reported that the campaign had actually reached its target of signatures by mid-June. They continued collecting more for padding. It has been the largest petition effort in the history of LA county. Additionally, over 10% of registered voters are shown within the petition.

One of the reasons why Gascon was able to win his election in 2020 is because he was backed by George Soros, a leftist billionaire who tossed millions at the liberal DA’s campaign.

Within days of getting into office, everyone saw the mistake that they had made. Gascon banned prosecutors from filing sentencing enhancements on criminal cases. He also moved to eliminate the three-strikes rule. It even took a judge to block some of the liberal reform policies that reduced punishment for some of the most serious crimes.

There’s been a lot of crime across California over the past few years, and much of this is because of the Democratic “criminal justice reform.”

San Francisco had enough last month when they recalled Chesa Boudin.

Californians are tired of seeing the politicians appease the Black Lives Matter movement, which includes defunding the police. Many liberals claim that it’s racist to put Black people in jail. However, it’s ignorant to allow crime to continue to happen simply because people don’t want to follow the law.

And that’s why we’re seeing so much effort going into getting George Gascon out of the position of LA County District Attorney.

If the signatures are verified, a recall of Gascon will show up on November’s ballot in Los Angeles. Everyone is crossing their fingers that it happens because the leniency on crime has to come to an end.

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