Rep. Salazar Sends Message To Elon Musk

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar, a Florida Republican, is asking Elon Musk to bring satellite internet technology to Cuba through SpaceX. Similar to his efforts in Ukraine, this is also similar.

Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur sent Starlink satellite technology to Ukraine to satisfy a public request from Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, who was concerned about disruptions in the internet after the Russian invasion.

It is currently operational and the only non-Russian communication system still in operation in certain areas of Ukraine.

Salazar is a South Florida freshman legislator who is also the daughter from Cuban exiles. She places connectivity at the forefront of her priorities. Operation Starfall was her August legislation. It allows wireless communications to be sent abroad to people who are blocked from doing so by rogue regimes.

The legislation calls for the deployment of satellite technology and stratospheric airstats capable of rapidly delivering wireless internet to any part of the Earth from the stratosphere up to the upper atmosphere.

Her legislative push came after anti-government protests in Cuba during July. The communist government blocked internet access to try and suppress dissent, as well as hide the brutal crackdown against activists.

Salazar claimed that 5 million Cubans could be seen walking through Havana streets if there was internet connectivity. “It would be impossible for the Cuban government that 5 million people are imprisoned. That would have been the end.

Starlink, an orbiting network of around 2,000 satellites in low earth orbit, offers high-speed broadband internet via connections to ground terminals. NetBlocks reports that Ukraine experienced intermittent internet outages as a result of Russian forces invading the country from the north, south, and west.

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